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Vernon Floerke's 419th Highlight's of the ETO Campaign
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Rob Floerke, son of 419th Vernon Floerke, sent the following series by Paul Gawthrop.
The Parkersburg News, May 1945
  1. Well guys, this ain't no dry run after all
  2. This is Cherbourg. This is the War!
  3. Dismounting in the dark. First day in France
  4. M. Gustaf's house; mine belt found
  5. Move out in the rain--to the front
  6. Crossing the Moselle--shells burst--sleep is out of the question
  7. Nazi engineers captured--hit by an 88
  8. Keep your heads down and hang on!
  9. Sewed up as neatly as the seam on a football
  10. Dec. 16: to Luxembourg--the Bulge begins
  11. Dec. 23: von Rundsted't Bulge shrinks
  12. For an armored division on the loose is as unpredictable in its movements as a cowboy on paynight
  13. The German civilians are sullen, shocked and unbelieving; this sort of thing is not supposed to happen to a German army

2008 419th AFA reunion will be held in Concord, MA | Aug. 28th-31st

UPDATE: reunion is cancelled to lack of bookings

2008 reunion


419th Reunion - Wash. D.C. June 2005

Abraham Lincoln - the scourge of slavery
"As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy."
-Abraham Lincoln
Joe GebhardtNoel Jacobs and Fred HaasSince launching this website, I've received a heap of E-mails from veterans, sons, daughters, nieces and nephews of veterans both offering and searching for WWII information. This site was created initially, soley from my dad's scrap book. Since its launch others have contributed photographs, personal stories and scraps from their dad's scrap books. Thank you!

In the fall of 1997, my brother Jay received a phone call from the past. The caller, Noel Jacobs, was looking for my father. He said that he'd driven dad's half-track into the Battle of the Bulge and that he'd been "looking for Joe Gebhardt for 50 years".

In 1944, my father had been a 21-year old 1st lieutenant serving with the 419th "A" Battery Armored Field Artillery Battalion. The 419th Battalion was part of the 10th Armored "Tiger" Division and advancing toward the Siegfried Line with Patton's Third Army in the fall and winter of 1944-45.

A few weeks after Noel's phone call, in late July 1998, my older brother Jim, his wife Sharon and I flew to Oklahoma to meet the men who served with my dad during the war. It was, coincidentally, the same day that Steven Spielberg's film "Saving Private Ryan" was released.

Noel Jacobs' local newspaper The Stillwater News Press, on July 25, 1998, wrote of our reunion:

(click here for full article)

The corporal's job with the battalion was to drive an officer's half track--called an 'exec-track'--for his lieutenant, Joseph Gebhardt. Jacobs said he shook hands with the man in Germany at the end of the war. "I lost him and never heard from him anymore," Jacobs said. "1945 was the last time I'd seen him, and I've wondered about him all these years, what's happened to him."' He said he ran into another lieutenant (Malcolm Cohen) recently who had known Gebhardt and thought he lived in New York. Jacobs started dialing. New York information turned up a name and he found himself talking to Gebhardt's youngest son's wife on the phone. She told him he died in 1965.

"Fifty-some years I was wondering where he was at and everything, and within 15 minutes from the time I started calling I found him," he said.

The kicker; Lt. Gebhardt's (oldest) son, now in his mid 40's, is in town for the 419th Battalion reunion, and looking forward to hearing all about his dad's wartime exploits. Nobody is in a better position than Jacobs himself.

Noel builds snowmanNear the end of our weekend reunion, Noel took my brother and I in his arms and prayed with us. This seemed no mere gesture. It was an act of faith. I realized then that these men, officially cited for outstanding teamwork, initiative and bonded by war, were also fearless by the courage that comes from the cornerstone of faith.

You will not fear the terror of the night,
or the arrow that flies by day,

or the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
or the destruction that wastes at mid day.

--Psalm 91: 5-6

Joe Gebhardt & Malcolm CohenA few months later, we met with Malcolm Cohen, who at 86, still lives in New York City (where he'd run into my father in 1963) and who, like my dad, was an officer in the 419th. Malcolm's role, as liaison officer, was to relay messages back and forth from the combat units to the 419th, to support the infantry with "fires".

Malcolm said that their Commanding Officer, Col. Robert C. McCabe was a great leader because he cared about his men, and led them through Europe with an almost divine navigation, avoiding Nazi death traps, while effectively protecting the combat troops. His command of the 419th was not without its obstacles, however. Col. McCabe, for some inexplicable reason, had been taken from the battalion shortly before their departure to the ETO. Then, a day or two before the 419th sailed to Europe he returned, just as mysteriously, as their Commanding Officer. Malcolm attributes much of the 419th's success to Col. McCabe's outstanding leadership.

Joanna, Noel and Jim
Noel Jacobs with two of Lt. Gebhardt's children, Oklahoma, July-August 1998.

I was happy to meet these men who knew my father during the war. Gerry St. Amand, who served in dad's Executive section, said that over the years when he needed help, he knew that he could always turn to the 419th. The connections were strong and remained strong. He also told me of a day during the war when he and my father had been standing up front on their half-track, advancing toward the Siegfried Line. When a rifle shot rang between them, each thought the other "got it". Realizing they were OK, they quickly ducked and smiled with relief. Last summer (2000), I met with Jerry's daughter, Doria Grimes, who revealed how popular her dad was with the guys as they passed through France because he could translate to the enthusiastic Parisian gals!

Studying these pictures of cold and war, and reading Col. McCabe's After-Action Reports (and Stephen Ambrose's Citizen Soldier and Gardner Hatch'sHistory of the 10th Armored Division) I think back to my father and his youthful command of these men. Although just a twinkle in his eye at the time, in my collective consciousness, I relive everything. Perhaps his winter 44-45 experience has alot to do with my own particular aversion to "cold" (I wear sweaters alot) and all things "violent", and maybe (just maybe) why I like these men so much.

victory in Europe May 45
Here is the story of the 419th Armored Field Artillery Battalion.

Gebhardt kids

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Hitler's Cross: The Revealing Story of How the Cross of Christ Was Used As a Symbol of the Nazi Agenda

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BC Section:
Capt. Dave Anderson
Mike Barone
Bob Smock
Jim Bierce
Elmer Jackson

Exec. Section:
Lt. Joseph T. Gebhardt
Ed Healy
Wm. Carey
Gerry St. Amand
Noel Jacobs
Fred Haas
Doc Travis

Recon Section:
Lt. H. Gray Carter
Wm. R. Kneebone
John Heritage
Lucien Collins
Clyde Johnson
Mark Welch

Wire Section:
Robert "Pop" Spain
Robert Main
Claude Hickox

Maintenance Section:
Joe Springer
Vernon Jordan
Pike Duncan
Ross Stewart
Earl Campbell
Harry Reynolds

Ammo Section:
Sgt. Burt
Cliff Shearer
Elmer La Rock
Peter McDonald
Charles Harris
Clarence Longernecker
Senate Broom
Pete Caporalette
Ray Muche
Howard Kimmel
John Donahue

First Sgt. J.C. Orange

Mess Section:
Sgt. John Martin
Buford Martin
Irwin Gaines
Charles Dean
A.O. Stracener
Peter Domino

Liaison Section:
Lt. Malcolm Cohen
Walt Mummert
Larry Gronefeld
Carl Bush
Tom Catto
Henry Strohm

1st Gun Section:
Sgt. Vic Regovich
John Costine
Patsy Chiarelli
Jim Stripling
John Andrychowski
Joe Seber

2nd Gun Section:
Sgt. Arnold Sande
Ernest Word
Paul Carpenter
Joe Cote
William Weirchinski
Frank Zandeleitner

3rd Gun Section:
Sgt. Herman Dalke
Sylvester Ripperger
Bill Adams
Stanley Stone
William Cassada
William Rhyne
David Jackson

4th Gun Section:
Sgt. Bob Johnson
Edwin Saunders
Bob Stump
Al Berube

5th Gun Section:
Sgt. Jonce Copeland
John Gravitt
George Leaman
Jewel Pray
Charles Ragazzo
Phil Constance
Martin Tyler

6th Gun Section:
Sgt. Arthur Sharpe
Clarence Mott
Beauveau Beals
Willie Tippit
Richard Tanner
William Mullen
John Idell



March 1944, Camp Gordon, GA

First Row Left to Right: Pvt Carlson, S/Sgt Welborn, Cpl Rossin, Cpl Scheffert, Pvt Perkins, Cpl Twite, Pvt Crosby, Cpl McCormick, Sgt. Rudman, Pvt Basile, Pvt Lewis, Pfc Preece, Pvt Pryor, Cpl Richards, Pvt Baxter, Lt Fox, Lt Kern, Capt Kreigsman, Lt Firebaugh, Lt Cohen, Lt Case, Pfc Ogiattis, Pvt Conway, Cpl Chapman, Pfc Gleaves, Sgt Hicks, Cpl Danford, Pvt Schultz, Cpl Emmerson, Cpl Frank, Sgt Crabtree, Sgt Craig, Sgt Weisenberger, Pvt AT Phillips, Sgt Slayton, Pvt Matz (36)

Second Row Left to Right: Pvt Crandall, Pvt Lankford, Cpl Foster, Pvt Huffman, Cpl Jones, Pvt Valens, Sgt Cassidy, Sgt Murray, Cpl Shea, Pfc DeAngelis, Pfc Hanson, Sgt Hollingsworth, Cpl Black, Pvt Mohn, Pfc Marcotte, Cpl Falko, Cpl W J White, Cpl Foreman, Sgt Jacek, Pvt Lillard, Pvt Osborn, Pvt De Mute, Pfc Price, Cpl Goretski, Cpl B N White, Pfc Engel, Pvt Fulk, Pfc Hudgins, Cpl Genrin, Sgt Chesser, Cpl Johns (31 names/33 in photo)

Third Row Left to Right: Sgt Willoughby, Pvt JJ Phillips, Pfc Manning, Cpl Russell, Cpl Brown, Cpl Parry, Pfc Giddens, Pfc Revaro, Pvt Rape, Pvt Patterson, Sgt Kleinschmidt, Pvt Forte, Pfc Boone, Pfc Heagstedt, Pfc Holmes, S/Sgt Gawthrop, Pvt Bakston, Pvt Brittain, Pfc Hoffman, Cpl Bunn (20)

Men not in picture: 1st Sgt Floerke, S/Sgt Gruff, S/Sgt Slate, S/Sgt Magliochette, Cpl Maggi, Sgt Rycroft, Sft Angus, Cpl Goana, Cpl Fay, Pfc Roush, Pfc Merkel, Pvt Bielecki, Pvt Gaillard, Pvt Reardon, Pvt Tiedt, Cpl Hallet (16)


Camp Gordon, Georgia
15 February 1944

1. In compliance with paragraph 11b, (1) and (13), Ar 345-105, dated 18 November 1929, the following is the history of the 419th Armored Field Artillery Battalion:

    1. Original Unit:
      (1) Designation: 419th Armored Field Artillery Battalion.
      (2) Date of organization: 15 July 1942.
      (3) Place of organization: Fort Benning, Georgia.
      (4) Authority for organization: Paragraph 1, General Orders Number 1, Headquarters, 10th Armored Division, Fort Benning, Georgia, dated 15 July 1942.
      (5) Sources from which personnel was obtained (i.e., by transfer from other units, voluntary enlistment, or draft): By transfer of 76 enlisted men from the 8th Armored Division, Ft. Knox, Ky. and by transfer of 21 enlisted men from the 4th Armored Division, Pine Camp, N.Y., by voluntary enlistments, and induction.
    2. Changes in organization (i.e., changes in the designation of units, transfer of unit from one regiment to another as a unit, or changes due to change in Tables of Organization): Tables of Organization changed from T/O 6-165, dated 1 March 1942 to T/O 6-165, dated 15 September 1943 on 20 September 1943. Total Officer and enlisted strength on former T/O 739. Total Officer and enlisted strength on present T/O 543.
    3. Strength, Commissioned and enlisted.
    4. Stations (Permanent or Temporary) of unit or parts thereof:
      (1) Fort Benning, Georgia, departed 23-27 June 1943.
      (2) Tennessee Maneuver Area--Arrived 25-28 June 1943--departed 1-8 September 1943.
      (3) Camp Gordon, Georgia--Arrived 1-10 September 1943.
    5. Marches:
      22 June 1943 -- Wheel vehicle motor convoy marched to bivouac area on Fort Benning, Georgia reservation in preparation for movement to Tennessee Maneuver area.
      23 June 1943 -- Wheel vehicle motor convoy to bivouac area in Chickamauga Park near Chatanooga, Tennessee.
      24 June 1943 -- Wheel vehicle motor convoy started a blackout march to Tennessee Maneuver area.
      25 June 1943 -- Wheel vehicle motor convoy arrived in bivouac area in Tennessee Maneuver area at 0400.
      26 June 1943 -- First train with track vehicles and personnel started movement to Tennessee Maneuver area.
      27 June 1943 -- Second train with track vehicles and personnel started movement to Tennessee Maneuver area. First train arrived in Tennessee maneuver area.
      28 June 1943 -- Second train with track vehicles and personnel arrived in Tennessee maneuver area.
      5 July 1943 -- Battalion participated in the second phase of the Tennessee maneuvers under 2nd Army. Roads weather dry and very dusty.
      28 August 1943
      1 September 1943 -- Wheel vehicle motor convoy started march from Tennessee maneuver area to new station at Camp Gordon, Georgia.
      3 September 1943 -- Wheel vehicle motor convoy arrived at Camp Gordon, Georgia about 1600. Roads and weather--excellent.
      6 September 1943 -- Train with track vehicles and personnel less Battery "A" started movement to Camp Gordon, Georgia.
      7 September 1943 -- Train with track vehicles and personnel less Battery "A" arrived at Camp Gordon, Georgia at 1400.
      8 September 1943 -- Battery "A" attached to 423rd Armd FA Bn., started movement to Camp Gordon, Georgia.
      10 September 1943 -- Train with Battery "A" attached arrived at Camp Gordon.
    6. Former and present members who have distinguished themselves in action: None.
    7. Photographs of personnel, important scenes or events: None.

    Lieut. Colonel, 419th Armd FA Bn.

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