The MuzzleBlast

Winter 1999

Dear Members of the 419th,

Last year at this time we had our youngest granddaughter to arrive in North Carolina; this year their family and the boys' families gathered in Rome for her first birthday and WE got to entertain for Anna's party and later for dinner. It was difficult to concentrate due to the Falcons-Viking game going into overtime. But good food and fun was enjoyed by all.

Since the October MuzzleBlast donations have been received from Charles Cavric, Walter Mummert, Frank Gruden, Vernon Floerke, Charles Mohn, Lois Hall, Ernest Word, Ben White, Elmer Emmerson, Saro Messina and Noel Jacobs. These funds will help finance the extra postage, extra pages and other incidentals we might incur.

A letter from Grace Mummert stated that they sold their farm due to Walt having a stroke three years ago and moving next door to their daughter. Their address is 3798 R.R. St. Brutus, MI 49716, Box 224.

Jackie Floerke wrote that Vernon is on oxygen around the clock. She asked for a new copy of addresses; I am working on the master list and would like to have telephone numbers to include in the listing.

Rose Lemberg wrote in October that she and Larry miss the reunions but due to Larry's health are unable to attend. She was looking forward to Thanksgiving as Lars was coming to visit. She stated that she would have turkey and leftovers for sandwiches, salad, turketti, turkey hash, turkey soup and finally what's left goes to the kid's dogs. You must buy a big turkey, Rose!

Saro and Eleanor Messina wrote that they enjoyed reading about the reunion in the MuzzleBlast. They are both doing fairly well healthwise but take a lot of medication. They were able to go to Phoenix to visit son and family and newest great grandson in July.

A note from Mildred Cavric stated that Charles had had knee replacement in September and was having therapy to use his legs again. We hope by now Charles is doing great.

Frank Gruden wrote in October giving a new address: 4240 S.E. 20th Pl. #210, Cape Coral, FL 33904. Tel. 941-542-1082. He stated "I was in Alaska for two months to get away from the 100 degree temp". He brought home about 100 lbs. of fish.

Kermit and Sally Watkins wrote that Colorado Springs sounds delightful and they want to come. They had flu last year finally recovering by April when they went visiting family in Virginia. They are PROUD grandparents -- their oldest, 20 year old Kelly, is in Florence, Italy studying Fine Arts; then three boys after her are "trying tofind what they want to do". Then she stated there are 5 younger teenagers and 11 little tykes. You are well blessed!

In November Ethel Mohn wrote that Charles is being the good neighbor who spends time with their 93 year old neighbor who has had many falls but is trying to stay at home. She thanked us for the MuzzleBlast and hopes they can attend the reunion.

J.C. and Eleanor Orange have kept us up to date on the reunion which will be held Thursday, July 22 through Sunday, July 25 at the Satellite Motel in Colorado Springs. This information was in October MuzzleBlast and will possibly be repeated again. Rooms with one bed are $60.00 per night, rooms with two beds are $69.00 and a suite will be $115.00. A brochure is enclosed with this MuzzleBlast and a map is also enclosed thanks to J.C.'s art work.

Lois Hall sent us snapshots of the two if us; I think she no longer has a camera. She broke it taking our pictures. She thanked us for making her welcome at the reunion. The next note from Lois had a form for the planned World War II Memorial. I'll make copies and bring to Colorado. She stated that Larry Gronefeld has had a bout with pneumonia and was to enter pulmonary rehab in January. A phone call found Larry better and I guess they are still playing Kentucky golf.

In late October a call from Noel and Estelle Jacobs stated that A.G. Cluck had had 4 heart bypasses on Monday, October 26. In December, Estelle called to tell us of A.G. Cluck's death on December 18. Noel and Estelle attended the funeral on Monday December 21. A.G. was buried in U.S. National Cemetery in Fort Smith. Our sympathy goes out to Wanda and her family. We are so happy that A.G. was able to attend last year's reunion in Stillwater. Wanda, we appreciate the thank you note.

Four MuzzleBlasts were returned in October: Jeane Chesser, Buford H. Martin, Nelson G.McMillen and Mrs. Lois Nicolai. Some of you good sleuths out there can help us find these folks.

Gene Wells called to say his wife had broken her ankle. They plan to be in Colorado.

It was wonderful to recieve so many Christmas cards; one very interesting one from Bonnie and Albert Porter was of Buffalo roaming in the snow (made me think of Colorado!) They also included a picture of proud grandparents Bonnie and Al with grandson Ryan Michael Ellsworth! This was a wonderful treat and is now in our "extended children's" book!

Ken Manning thanked us in his card for the MuzzleBlast and wanted all to have happy holidays.

Catheree and Pierce Johns had a note in their card stating that they had already had a big family Christmas dinner before December 25. They also announced the birth of another great, great grandson born December 21, 1998.

Vernel and Marie Temple hoped all Tigers would have a Merry Christmas, and these wishes were also stated by Hershel and Brenda Hadley.

Larry and Rose Lemberg sent "Greetings to our buddies" and Elmer and Doris Emmerson wished "Happy Holidays".

On December 7 in Canton, Ohio Norma Hammer said the temperature was 71 degrees; she was busy with Christmas parties.

Jim and Patti Boston each wrote on their Christmas greeting; according to Jim, a grandson at Fort Benning had been to Kuwait. He hopes they can make the trip to Colorado. Patti typed her letter and said they had made two trips to Branson and went on a guided tour of Christmas lights in Tulsa. Thye placed second in the lighting competition in Pryor after starting their decorating before Thanksgiving for a December 10 deadline. Her missions group fed 15 needy at Thanksgiving and were preparing Christmas baskets for the needy. I know each of you do special things and this makes for good reading. Let us know how busy the Tigers are!

On Frank Gruden's Christmas card I noticed it was signed "Frank and Virginia Gruden". I immediately called to find that Frank had married Virginia Shaver on December 1, 1998. Congratulations are in order for the newlyweds and we do expect you in Colorado in July.

Francis and Helen Roush wished a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the 419th. They spent Thanksgiving in Dallas visiting their two new great grandsons.

Ben and Henri White's card came after we had a call from him a few nights earlier. He was wanting some information. Never hesitate to call; I may not know the answer but will try to find out.

Laura and Gerald St. Amand's card stated they would see us next summer in the high country.

Larry Gronefeld and Lois Hall's card was an Anne Geddes photograph of two cuties dressed as Santas.

It was great to hear from Rev. and Mrs. Aubrey Stracener from Union Grove, AL who enjoy the MuzzleBlast and wished everyone a good Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Fred Bradley wished "Warm wishes for the holidays" and stated he still goes "bird hunting with my Beau"

Forrest and Geri Broome wrote that they "missed seeing our friends at the reunion this past summer". They hope to make it to Colorado.

I guess Harold and Lola Carmichael's camera is broken too as they enclosed our pictures from the reunion in their card. They are in Florida and the weather was wonderful. They plan to get together with the Huvaeres this month.

Woody Briner wrote that his daughter Brenda was very sick with her chemotherapy. We hope both had a better Christmas and maybe things are on the mend.

Ernest Word of Battery A sent a cheerful greeting.

Vernon and Jackie Floerke enclosed their picture in their card as we are happy to place it with our other 419th photos.

Charles and Ethel Mohn sent God's blessings to the 419th and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

We kept all our 419th cards together and it you sent a greeting and it is not listed, we probably did not get it. Our oldest son sent a picture of his two children, the other six grandchildren's pictures were on the refrigerator. We have yet to receive the one he mailed but he handed us one and now all 8 grandchildren are displayed. We trust your Christmas or Hanukkah was happy; we thought of "you all" at the Holidays.

Estelle Jacobs wrote on January 12 to state that "Today is Noel's birthday" and she now knows how it is to sleep with an 81-year-old man.!" They had a wonderful Christmas Eve with their family.

Eddie and Mary Jane Pratt wrote on January 15 to say that Colorado Springs this July sounds great; they plan to fly and rent a car. They have a nephew near Denver so they will be able to visit him. Both of them had cataracts removed last fall. Mary Jane had both eyes done and Eddie only the left. We hope all is well.

The mail had just arrived and a note from Vernon Floerke who gave us a correct address for Edwin Stiles: General Delivery, Glen Ullin, North Dakota 58631. So far we have not gotten back the October MuzzleBlast which was sent to his old address. They will forward for a year.

Now on my soap box again; if you have a change of address, please send it to us. We cannot depend on the post office to know where you are. If you cannot write, you may call; I have a pen ready at all times. We do not like getting these returned to us and we do want you to have your MuzzleBlast.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day, a patriotic President's Day, wearing of the green St. Patrick's Day, a Happy Passover and a Bright Easter!

We thank you for depending on us to get the news to you and remember "the best pay comes from deeds you do for nothing".

Your Editors,

Jack and Juanita Waldrep
201 Greenview Road, S.W.
Rome, Georgia 30165-4307

Tel. 1-706-291-1393

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