The MuzzleBlast

Winter 2006

Dear Members of the 419th,

It is definitely winter with all the snowfall in the Northeast and other parts of the country including the sunny South! Our sprinkling of snow lasted a few hours but no road hazards as was found in Northeast Georgia near the South Carolina border. But we have had some low temperatures and also some days reaching the high sixties and seventy degrees.

Only two of the last MBs came back and the post office had their new addresses so I managed to use extra stamps and hopefully got Julia Branton's to her at 14425 Tyler St, Sylmar CA 91342 -1411. William Romano moved from Fitchburg MA to 581 Marlin Circle, Barefoot Bay Fl 32976-2403 and I am sure he is enjoying more warmth in Florida this year.

A nice letter from Gerald St. Amand came in late October stating he had attended the 10th Armored Division Reunion over Labor Day in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He was invited to participate in the Memorial Service and represented the 419th. A row of lighted candles was in front of the head table. Each participant went up with a rose, saluted and paused as the names of the deceased were read. The names of the 419th members honored were Charlie Winters and Jack Waldrep. They then saluted and snuffed out the candle. Thank you, Gerald, for your part in honoring Charlie and Jack. Jim Bierce also attended from the 419th.

Thank you Gerald also for letting me know that Charles Winters had died. Our sympathy goes to his family.

Christmas came and with it wonderful greetings from many of you. Jim Bierce sent a card and told that the 10th Armored Division will have their last reunion in Louisville, Ky Labor Day 2006.

Ethel Mohn sent greetings and hopes to attend the reunion in Wilkes-Barre. James and Pat Boston included a donation to MB in their card. Frank and Virginia Gruden sent a card with a snowy scene with reindeer, sleigh and Santa Claus overhead. Ernest L. Word of A Battery sent a MB donation in his greeting. Francis and Helen Roush sent a lovely card from Oklahoma.

The card from Geneva DeBoer included a letter thanking me for the MB and stated even though Fred had been gone for 10 years, she still enjoys reading about "everyone we used to know". She also informed me of the death of Geraldine Broome on June 20th, 2005. Her husband, Forrest, served as a medic in the 419th. Forrest now lives in an assisted living apartment and his address is: Forrest J. Broome, 16351 Rohunda Drive Apt. 3, Dearborn MI 48170-1180. Our sincere sympathy goes to Forrest and family and also to Geraldine's dear friend Geneva DeBoer.

E-mail is wonderful, I hear from Joanna Gebhardt, Lois Hall, Wanda Cluck, the Grudens, the Rapps, Doria Grimes, the Dalkes and Rose Lemberg. And it also helps that we have children who will send information on their parents. Lori Hickey, who is Lawrence Goretski's daughter, gave me an update on her parents. They celebrated 57 years of marriage in June 2005; her dad was 84 on February 24. Even though her dad is a diabetic and is being treated medically for a heart blockage, he goes to walk each day. Her mother has arthritis and was discovered to have breast cancer in October 2003 and was operated on for it in November 2003. So far she is doing well.

Lori Hickey stated she is their only surviving child, is 41 and happily married. She lives close by them and her sister passed away in 1986 leaving two daughters Shannon now 28 and Ashley 22. Thank you for the update, Lori.

This MB was written, ready to go to the printer when a letter came from Stephen Falko and Cheryl (Falko) Hall informing us that both their parents had passed away. Peter Falko died on Feb. 1, 2006 and Mildred on Feb. 5, 2006. Pete became ill with pneumonia in late December and a massive heart attack on Feb. 1 caused his death. Mildred was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia and fought valiantly, succumbing to a lung infection.

Pete and Millie were in different hospitals but celebrated 60 years of marriage by telephone and Stephen and Joyce were with Mom and Cheryl and John were with Dad. Pete and Millie were both able to realize that they had reached this milestone. Our sympathy goes to all the family.

Enclosed is a brochure on the hotel of our next reunion; if I failed to put it in (which is possible) let me know and I'll get one to you. We do want each and everyone of you to attend.

Bonnie Porter wrote in me in July 2005 stating plans for the reunion and the latest letter in January 2006 with a "P.S. This might have changed a little from the first letter"! Well, it did; the dates in the first were July and I did not check the 2006 calendar or I would not have put July dates in the September MB because the days are not correct. The true dates for the reunion are June 22nd through June 25th 2006 ( Thursday thru Sunday).

Twenty rooms are being held until June 2, 2006 and cost per room is approximately $93.00 per night. If you want queen or king, request it when making reservations to Genetti's Best Western Hotel and Conference Center, Wilkes-Barre PA -Telephone 1-800-833-6152 and state you are with the 419th.

Bonnie would like for you to let her know if you are a member of American Legion. Her address is Bonnie Porter, 49 Linden Street, Luzerne, Pennsylvania 18709-1019.

The cost for dinner Friday evening is $27.00, children 10 and under $6.30 and $7.75 which includes tax and gratuity. Saturday evening buffet dinner cost will be $27.00 per person. Bonnie is trying to get a children's menu for Saturday night at the same price as Friday night.

At this time these are all the plans that have been sent. I urge each of you to plan to attend if at all possible.

Have a good Spring and remember:

Happiness keeps you Sweet,
Trials keep you Strong,
Failure keeps you Humble,
Success keeps you Glowing,
But only God keeps you Going.

Your Editor,
Juanita Waldrep

201 Greenview Road, S.W. Rome, Georgia 30165-4307
Tel. 1-706-291-1393

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