The MuzzleBlast

February 2005


Dear Members of the 419th,

The holidays have come and gone and we trust 2004 was a good year for you. Greetings were received from Wanda Cluck, Francis and Helen Roush, Frank and Virginia Gruden, Gene Wells (stating Dec. 13 he was 89 years young), Pierce and Jewell Johns, Edith Grubb, Gerald St. Amand, Jim Bierce, Charles and Ethel Mohn, Harold and Lola Carmichael, and Ernest Word, who included a donation to MB in his card.Thanks to each of you for keeping in touch.

Since our last MB I received a letter from Helen Lesigonich stating that her husband Steve Lesigonich had passed away on Sept. 5, 2004 due to stomach cancer. In mid October a letter from Winnifred Kreigsman came stating that her husband Albert Owen Kreigsman had died on July 21st. "He suffered with myadisplastic for three years requiring a weekly blood transfusion." A donation to MB was included.

Sara Boone, daughter of Mabry Huggins wrote in late October that her father Mabry Huggins was killed in an automobile accident April 12, 2002. Our sincere sympathy goes to the families of Mabry Huggins, Steve Lesigonich and Albert Owen Kreigsman.

A note of thanks for the MB with a donation enclosed came from Charles and Juanita Ray in October. Gaston Patterson sent a donation in October thanking us for the MB. Two MB's were returned: Marion Dietrich and Duncan Soubie. If any of you have a current address, please advise.

We have frequent calls from Bonnie Porter who hopes to attend the reunion in Washington in June. E-mails from many of you are appreciated. Jim Bierce called and left a message that the Division reunion held in Washington was well worth the trip to the World War II Memorial.

A letter written December 25, 2004 from Doria and Vincent Grimes (Doria is Gerald St. Amand's daughter) and Gerald St. Amand gave the following data: She enclosed the brochure and directions for our next reunion, stating there is a complimentary shuttle from Dulles Airport. Mention "419th" when making reservations and the group rate of $79.00 per night applies for June 9 - 11. Check out is June 12th. A block of rooms are being held until May 20, 2005. Tentative events are: Thursday - check-in and welcome at meeting room. Friday - 10:30 complimentary shuttle to the new Smithsonian Hazy Center (3.5 miles away) to tour World War II aircraft, the Space Shuttle Enterprise and more. Optional Group dinner. Saturday - 10 A.M. - 419th Annual Meeting. 11 A.M. - Bus to WWII Memorial in Washington for wreath ceremony and photos. P.M. - Free time in Washington or return to hotel by bus. 6 P.M. - Banquet in hotel. Doria states to feel free to call Doria and Vincent Grimes at 703-978-5002. Doria's E-mail is

If you don't get the motel brochure and transportation information enclosed, please advise and I will send one to you.

Sometimes when stuffing envelopes, one may leave something out. That brings up the subject of omission; Luke St. Amand's name was omitted by me as attending the last reunion; please forgive the omission Luke and I'll try to do better. Gerald St. Amand has hosted many reunions, but this one will be the highlight of our lives seeing the beautiful World War II Memorial. Please try to attend if at all possible.

This MB almost was just a letter with information about the reunion due to the "storm" that has hit the Waldrep household. On the 10th of January, Jack was attending the dinner meeting of the American Legion when he started coughing and passed out. The men called 911 and then got me at home 2 miles from the Legion. Jack obviously had the stomach virus, aspirated and got pneumonia. I developed the vomiting and diarrhea two days later and was at home for four days while the children took turns at the hospital. He was dismissed to extended care at Chulio Hills Nursing Facility on January 20th. Each day we see some progress and he is eating a little better but with this "stuff" you have no appetite.

Please keep us in your prayers that he will recover enough to get back home as most of you know, all of us had rather be "home !"

Remember to place on your calendar our reunion Thursday June 9th to check out on Sunday June 12th. This will be held at the Washington Dulles Airport Marriott, Washington DC. Address of the motel is 45020 Aviation Drive, Dulles, Virginia 20166. Telephone 703-471-9500, at $79.00 per night for 419th members.. Our hosts are Gerald St.Amand and Doria and Vincent Grimes.

A quote from Morris L. West: "Even though life can certainly be difficult, its joyful moments should never be taken for granted." We wish for you happy planning for the reunion and a pleasant spring.

Your Editors,

Jack and Juanita Waldrep

201 Greenview Road, S.W. Rome, Georgia 30165-4307
Tel. 1-706-291-1393

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