The MuzzleBlast

Summer 2002

Dear Members of the 419th,

In less than a month Jane Ober and her children, the Gebhardts, will host our reunion at the Hampton Inn in Lancaster, PA. July 17th through July 21st are the dates and the location of Hampton Inn is 545 Greenfield Road. Reservations may still be made by calling 717-299-1200.

A letter from Lucile Christensen told of the death of her husband Clarence on July 15, 2001 due to congestive heart failure. Our sympathy goes out to Lucile and her family.

Edith Grubb sent an Easter card when Tennessee was being deluged by water; she stated "the water came to the front steps but had no damage to her home". She also sent a St. Patrick's Day greeting thanking us for the MB.

Steve Lesigonich sent a donation to MB and stated he enjoys having it. He was discharged with hearing loss before going overseas. He wants to be remembered to all 419th members. He and his wife have three sons and a daughter who live nearby.

Alfred Berube has a new address: 10 Oak Street, Apt. 211, Lewiston, Maine 04240. A donation to MB was included with a "Say hi to all the boys". A donation to MB was included in the Easter card from Charles and Ethel Mohn.

J.C. and Eleanor Orange wrote that they could not attend the reunion as their son and his wife would be home on leave from Africa. A donation to MB was given.

In the last MB the name of Joseph Pierce Johns' wife, Catheree, who died on Dec. 9, 2001, was inadvertently written as Catherine Johns. We are sorry for the typo and my proofing did not catch it until after the MB was printed.

Lois Hall kept us up to date on the condition of Larry Gronefeld by E-mail when he was in and out of the hospital. David Gronefeld called stating that his dad died on March 3. We send deepest sympathy to the Gronefeld family. A later E-mail from David paid a beautiful tribute to his father; copies of this tribute will be at the reunion because we know that Larry Gronefeld was always proud to be an American.

Rose Lemberg sends E-mails and often reminisces about the reunions she and Larry were able to attend. She states she often goes to her 419th albums; we have threatened to go across the state line to Alabama to see them!

Virginia and Bill Rapp E-mailed us several times; maybe they will get to the reunion yet. They have visited the 419th website and enjoy that.

We often receive E-mails from Wanda Cluck and sometimes when I need lots of help, I send her a few. There is nothing better than experience in writing the MB.

We keep the E-mails numbered and therefore some have earlier news than the ones already mentioned. One was received from Sam Messina stating that his father, Saro F. Messina, died July 8, 2001. The group sends sympathy to the Messina family. Saro had lung surgery in December 2000 and never really gained back his strength according to Sam.

Herman and Leila Dalke wrote that due to their family reunion, they will be unable to make the reunion this year. They appreciate what the Gebhardt family, especially Mom Jane Ober, are doing and thank them for it.

Joyce Gronefeld-Huff wrote us that her mom Norma loved the reunions and playing cards with us; her parents looked forward to the reunion time all year long. Yes, the Gronefelds loved the 419th reunions, loved to host the reunions and Joyce, they are greatly missed.

Jim and Patti Boston had hoped to attend the reunion, but due to Jim's heart condition, he doesn't want to go too far away from home.

Bonnie Porter kept me posted on Al's condition by E-mail, telephone and letters. She called and told me of Al's death on March 9th. Our sympathy goes to Bonnie, her father Harold Laity and her children. Bonnie has not been well but has appointments this month with her three doctors. Her daughter. Cathy, has finished her RN training and is working at a hospital and waiting to take state boards. Hats off to Cathy! Bonnie included a donation to MB.

Louise Gardner called from Alabama and we had a nice chat. She and John are getting along fairly well, but I think she misses her Georgia address. Just kidding, Louise; I've never heard any jokes about folks in Alabama!

Gerald St. Amand wrote that the doctor has ruled out therapy for Laura as not productive. They still enjoy going out to eat; he takes Laura in her wheelchair. He plans to attend the reunion.

Vermel and Marie Temple wrote in May they could not attend the reunion, but all would be in their thoughts. A clipping they sent from the Raleigh, NC paper stated that Ben N. White, Jr. had died on May 10. Our sympathy goes to the Ben White, Jr. family. In June the Temples sent another clipping that Alberta Ball, wife of Col. Arthur Ball (who died earlier) died on June 3rd. We send our sincere sympathy to the family of Alberta Ball.

When I asked if anybody knew about Charlie Winters in the last MB, I received a call from Maxine Garmon of Edmonton, KY stating that Charlie's telephone number is 1-817-275-2556 and he still drives a car but states "It is difficult to walk". She also stated that her husband, James, is not well.

On May 27 I had an E-mail from Monta Lynn Brown, daughter of Noel and Estella Jacobs, who stated that Noel was taken to the hospital on May 18th with breathing problems and chest pains. He was moved to the ICU unit and kept on morphine for pain. On June 3rd Monta Lynn called to say Noel had died; our dearest sympathy goes to the Jacobs family. Estella, we will have you in our prayers that you will gain more strength in the coming days. Our love goes to all who helped the Jacobs host two wonderful reunions in Stillwater and Guthrie, Oklahoma.

The latest news from Rome, Georgia is that Jack was diagnosed with lymphoma in early April. He had his first chemotherapy on April 15th, second on May 6th and was due to have his third and last on May 28th. An elevated temperature at the doctor's office revealed lung involvement; after ten days of high fever, we have been at normal range now for five days. A CAT scan will be made June 21 st and we go back to the oncologist on Tuesday June 25th. Please have us in your prayers that health will return to 201 Greenview Road.

Our wish for each of you is a Jane Merchant quote: "May you have honeysuckle pearled with dew each spring and shimmering hummingbirds to dart about your home each summer and may you forever have a rainbow in your heart."






Your Editors,

Jack and Juanita Waldrep

201 Greenview Road, S.W. Rome, Georgia 30165-4307
Tel. 1-706-291-1393

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