The MuzzleBlast

May 2004

Dear Members of the 419th,

Reunion time is just around the corner; Ken Manning and daughter Letitia urge you to be in Norman, OK from June 16 (Wednesday) through Saturday night, leaving on Sunday, June 20, 2004. This will be held at the Guest Inn at $42 per double room. Guests Inn and Suites of Norman is located at 2543 West Main, I-35 and W. Main Exit 109, Norman, OK 73072. Telephone number is 405-360-1234.

If you are flying into Will Rogers Airport, the Airport Express (toll free number 1-877-688-3311) will provide transportation. Rates to the Guest Inn at Norman are $27.00 single, $15.00 per person for two persons, and $10.00 per person for three persons. Advanced reservations are recommended to the airport at the above toll free number.

Two MuzzleBlasts were returned from the February mailing: Frank Enos was marked deceased, return to sender and Clyde Scott not deliverable. We do not know any details on Frank Enos but our sympathy goes to his family.

Edith Grubb sent a thank you for the MB and enclosed a donation.

Jim Boston wrote a nice letter thanking us for the MuzzleBlast and stated "We were sorry to hear of Jerry Huvaere's death. He was not only a good friend but was very instrumental in establishing the 419th reunion and MB". He stated that he and Patricia enjoy rather good health. Jim sent a donation.

A letter from Moe Bilsky, who also included a donation to the MB, stated that he and Marcia will celebrate their 50th anniversary this November. Best wishes to the two of you for many more!

In March Mary Ann Cox wrote that Ted enjoyed the MuzzleBlast and sent a donation to keep it coming. She stated that he was being treated for lung cancer with hopes of being able to do surgery later. News came yesterday, that Ted Cox died on April 9 and we certainly send sincere sympathy to Mary Ann on her loss.

J.C. and Eleanor Orange wrote in April and stated that they had had a very pleasant winter in Colorado Springs and a snowy Easter. They enjoy having news from everyone. J.C. was hospitalized last year for 17 days with pancreatitis but is fine now. A donation was included.

Mark Hammer informed me by E-mail that his mother, Mrs. Norma Hammer, had died on Nov. 13,2003. He said he had wonderful memories of 419th reunions while growing up; they did not take many family vacations but always found time for that. Our sympathy to Mark and his family.

Julia Branton, daughter of Jeanne Chesser, informed me of her mother's death on March 18, 2004. She hopes to get to the reunion next year and wants to receive the MB. Julia, we send our sympathy to you and all of the Jeanne Chesser family.

Mrs. James S. Garmon called this week to tell us of the death of her husband James S. Garmon on March 18, 2004. Our sympathy goes to her and all her family. She told us of Ted Cox's death when she called.

Bonnie Porter called to tell of her father Harold Laity's death on May 13, 2004. Harold had been in a nursing home for a few months and he died of heart failure. Our sympathy to Bonnie and her family.

Estella Jacobs passed away May 15, 2004 during the night. Her son-in-law Bill Poling E-mailed me the news and her funeral was Tuesday May 18th. As you remember, they hosted some wonderful reunions in Oklahoma before Jake's death on June 2, 2003. Our sympathy goes to Rae Dawn Poling, Monta Lynn Brown, her daughters, and all their families.

Those of you who are on the internet need to visit the web site again : You would be surprised at the requests that some of you may be able to answer. If anyone knew a George Lesser, whom his granddaughter states served with the 419th, please advise me. I do not find him in the old files under "L" but have not had a chance to search in case it is accidentally under another letter.

E-mails come to me regularly from Wanda Cluck, Joanna Gebhardt, Rose Lemberg, Millie and Pat Falko, Lois Hall and it is fun to receive them. Keep up the good work and anyone else, send me your news.

Letitia Manning wrote by E-mail that dad Ken Manning was in the hospital in April and discovered he is a diabetic. Ken called to say he was feeling better. We hope Ken, that you will feel better by the reunion time but we will understand if you need a little rest and Letitia is able to help "run the show". So much fun was had with the "gift exchange" last year, that they would like for each one to bring a gift, wrapped for someone to take away from you! The price last year was, I think, $7 to $10 approximately.

Now, for the Waldrep situation as of now: we are leaving early next week for High Point , N.C. to stay with my sister who will be 93 in September and to finish packing for her move to an apartment in Dallas, Georgia where our oldest son lives. This is not assisted living, but an apartment, with one bedroom, bath, living room with a small kitchen area with microwave and refrigerator. This complex serves three meals a day and is $600 cheaper than an efficiency in Rome. So, I will be busy as I have to go back to empty the house and sell it. We are trying to get to Norman if possible. If not, you know Jack and I want to be there: He is so much better than he was in Fort Myers and really we both want to come. And if you want to get someone else to take over, I will be happy to relinquish my post but I certainly do not mind doing it again. Remember, to try to get to Norman, by train, by plane, by car or bus! It's going to be a fun time, I know and we owe this to those who have volunteered as host. I leave you with this: "When you look back on your life, wondering why you chose not to cross the bridge - will you also wonder, what would have happened if you did?"

Your Editors,

Jack and Juanita Waldrep

201 Greenview Road, S.W. Rome, Georgia 30165-4307
Tel. 1-706-291-1393

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