The MuzzleBlast

February 2002

Dear Members of the 419th,

Most of our holidays are over but we still look at the wonderful cards and Christmas letters we received. We had cards from Mary Jane Pratt, Peter and Millie Falko, Gerald and Laura St. Amand, Frank and Virginia Gruden, Vermel and Marie Temple, Harold and Lola Carmichael, Wanda Cluck, Charles and Ethel Mohn, Francis and Helen Roush, Charles and Juanita Ray, Forrest and Geri Broome, Noel and Estelle Jacobs, Ken Manning, James and Patti Boston, Lois Hall, Larry and Rose Lemberg, James Bierce, Gene and Eileen Wells, Henrietta Fox, Ruth Morrison, Elmer and Doris Emmerson and Ernest Word.

A note in late November from Dorothy Constance stated the date of Phillip's death was October 9,2001. She appreciated our kind thoughts for her at this time.

Ken Manning called us on Dec. 9 stating that Catherine Johns, wife of Joseph P. Johns, died that morning of a heart condition. An E-mail from Joseph's daughter came later and stated that her heart stopped while she was sleeping and that six weeks before her heart doctor stated that her heart function was down to half of what it was the previous year. I also heard later from a son who stated that his father was staying busy but had had a little accident with a saw. Our sincere sympathy goes to the Johns family.

We had an E-mail from Malcolm Cohen who stated that Janet fractured one hip two years ago and the other this past July. We hope they will be able to join us next July in Lancaster P A.

Since the last Muzzleblast our bank account has increased thanks to donations by Moe Bilsky, Lois Hall, Jim Boston, Larry Lemberg, Gene Wells, James Bierce, Henrietta Fox, Ruth Morrison, Elmer Emmerson, Malcolm Cohen, Ernest Word and Alberta Ball.

In late November we received a letter from Noel and Estelle Jacobs which included a picture of Noel receiving his diploma, so now we have proof that he got it!

A letter from Moe Bilsky included a copy of a letter he had received from John (Jack) Bonman inquiring about Charlie Winters. If anyone knows about Charlie, we would like to hear. We remember him well from the wonderful reunion in Birmingham AL.

Fred and Phyllis Ball wrote about Alberta Ball (Mom) stating that her address had changed twice since hearing from him before. Alberta has had "multiple strokes" in the last month and is confined to her bed or a wheelchair. She is making a little progress with therapy. He wants us to use his address 6241 Sentry Oaks Dr., Wilmington NC 28409 in case you would like to send her a note.

Francis Vigneau's address is 1915 S.E. 40th Terr. #104, Cape Coral FL 339048069.

Louise Gardner left a message that her and John's new address is 206 Conroy Rd., Sterrett AL 35147.

Elvin Stiles address is P.O. Box 2423, Williston ND 58802-2423.

The new address for Ernest L. Word is 178 Martin-Pruitt Road, Edmonton KY 42129-9040.

Joanna Gebhardt gets some interesting requests due to the 419th website which is wonderful. Someone asked if soldiers, prior to going over seas in WWII, were required to prepare a will. If so, did the government retain a copy and where would one go to obtain a copy? So far, no one we have spoken to knows the answer.

Rose Lemberg sent an E-mail stating that Larry still is having some dizziness and his knees are still bad. We do miss them at the reunions and one day we plan a trip to Huntsville to see them.

Two E-mails came this week from Monta Lynn Brown, daughter of Noel and Estelle Jacobs. Estelle had a heart attack and she fell while in the ICU unit. She got a black eye which is swollen. Get well soon and we will have you in our thoughts and prayers.

Bonnie Porter called about three weeks ago stating that Al was in'the hospital in serious condition. His kidneys have failed and when I last talked With her around February 12th, they had moved him to the hospice unit of another hospital. We will be thinking of your entire family and Bonnie, there are many who can sympathize with all you are going through.

Now for the big news; WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A REUNION. BUT, due to the popularity of the Amish country, the date which Jane Ober and Joanna Gebhardt were able to get rooms is one week before the normal time of our meeting. Rooms will be available on Thursday July 18 through Sunday July 21,2002. The rooms at the Hampton Inn Lancaster will be $92.00 plus tax.

On Thursday July 18 we will have a catered, casual supper in the 419th meeting room and will see a video "Tigers on the Loose, The 10th Armored Division in WWII". Howard Liddic (from Lancaster) displays 10th Armored Div. Memorabilia.

On Friday July 19 we have use of the meeting room for 419th annual meeting and the memorabilia display continues. Dinner at nearby (walk to) 18th century "Olde Greenfield Inn".

On Saturday July 20 we can tour Amish country in the A.M., go to discount shops or Bird in Hand quilt museum or crafts of the world and other specialty shops. Dinner will be at an Amish-style restaurant.

Joanna stated that the way this hotel is laid out, it is easy to meet and converse in the central part where comfortable chair/couch/table arrangements on various levels will do nicely for any who don't want to leave the hotel on Saturday. This hotel had a complete renovation last year, she stated.

If you do not receive a reservation form in this MuzzleBlast and want to go to the reunion, please advise that we failed to send it to you. We do not want to leave anyone out who wants to attend, but sometimes in a hurry to get the newsletter in the mail -we forget the enclosures.

Do plan to make plans now! The Gebhardt family and Mom Jane Ober have worked hard on planning for us to have a great time in the Amish country of Pennsylvania.

Please keep us informed by E-mail, telephone or U.S. Mail. We want to let you know about your comrades.




Your Editors,

Jack and Juanita Waldrep

201 Greenview Road, S.W.
Rome, Georgia 30165-4307
Tel. 1-706-291-1393

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