The MuzzleBlast

(still "Winter" here!) Spring 2001

Dear Members of the 419th,

For a while I thought I could write and place SPRING 2001 on the heading, but winter has returned with fury and the calendar does not say SPRING HAS SPRUNG!

The Christmas cards you sent were wonderful to receive; many had donations to the MB which I will mention later. Cards were received from Wanda Cluck, Edith Grubb, Fred Bradley, Elmer and Doris Emmerson, Francis and Helen Roush, Ken Manning, Gerald and Laura St. Amand, Vermel and Marie Temple, Henrietta Fox, Ernest Word, Charles and Ethel Mohn, Frank and Virginia Gruden, Joanna Gebhardt, Jane Ober, Ben White, Jim and Patti Boston, Harold and Lola Carmichael, Catheree and Pierce Johns, Gene and Eileen Wells, Louise Shultz, Noel and Estelle Jacobs, Saro and Eleanor Messina.

Since reporting donations in the last MB, Frank Gruden, J. C. Orange, Ernest Word, Robert Tellalian, Jane Ober, Saro Messina, Elmer Emmerson, Ben White, Francis Roush, James Boston, Gene Wells and Louise Shultz have added to our account. Thank you all who support the publishing of our newsletter.

Rose Lemberg had a card from Gayle Steele to inform the 419th of the death of William (Bill) Coolidge on Dec. 17, 2000.

Joanna Gebhardt sent me an E-mail from Chad Mummert telling of the death of Walter Mummert on Dec. 30, 2000 in a Care Facility in Harbor Springs, Michigan.

It is also with regret that we tell you of the death of Eddie Pratt on February 1, 2001. I have talked with Mary Jane two times and you may call her at 1-740-366-5144. Our sincere sympathy goes to the families of William Coolidge, Walter Mummert and Eddie Pratt.

E-mails from both Rose Lemberg and Lois Hall have kept us informed as to the health of Larry Gronefeld. He has been in the hospital with pneumonia but is now home. Keep your spirits up, Larry, we are all thinking of you.

Bonnie Porter E-mailed me that Al has had problems with high blood sugar. We hope that he is better.

A Christmas letter from Noel and Estelle's daughter, Monta Lynn, wonders "Where has this year gone?" (I might add, where has 2001 gone?) The girls have been busy going to hospitals for both parents but hopefully things are looking better now. We hope when spring comes, a new SPRING will be in the steps of Noel and Estelle.

Enclosed in Jim and Patti Boston's Christmas card was a color photo from their paper of two children putting the finishing touches on their snowman in ROME, GEORGIA. Yes, we do have snow but Jack and I missed it since we were in Florida at the time --COLD.

Catheree and Pierce Johns have written several times; Catheree had colon surgery which was non- malignant. In January another letter came from Catheree who said that Pierce had had some heart trouble and had two stents placed to open the veins Also they had a son, Ralph, to die on Dec. 26th in Nashville, Tennessee and they were unable (because of their surgery) to attend the funeral. Our sympathy goes out to Pierce and Catheree. They do have a new address: 471 Co Rd 1122, Vinemont AL 35179.

Mrs. Louise Shultz has a new address: 400 N Cottey St. Apt. 2, Edina MO 63537 -1000. Virginia Rapp stated in an E-mail that she and Bill will be in California until the middle of May. The address is 42-949 Turqueries Rd., Palm Desert, CA 92211. They plan to be gone to Fiji, New Zealand and Australia for 24 days. Hope you had fun.

Robert Tellalian wrote a letter in December reminiscing about the young men of the 419th he knew over 55 years ago. He enjoyed reading about them in the Muzzleblast.

Saro Messina stated that "Eleanor is doing quite well" but for the last several months he has not. He had fluid around the left lung and it was removed twice. He was to have surgery after consulting a specialist to hopefully clear the problem. We hope it worked out fine for you, Saro.

We heard from J. C. and Eleanor Orange right after we sent the last MB and they state "if all goes well we plan to be in Oklahoma next year". Their missionary son and wife were home from Africa and will stay until June. I know they are enjoying having this family back in the U.S.

Larry Lemberg is having trouble with his knees and I know this winter has been tough on a lot of our joints. Rose is getting along fine. She does E-mail me and keeps my spirits up with all the delightful spiritual and funny things. Thanks a lot!

Pete and Millie Falko always send such colorful and interesting things. They always enjoy the MB and enclose beautiful poetry. I plan to have copies of a poem, which Pete sent, at the reunion.

Noel Jacobs has called several times and we hope that both he and Estelle are doing better at this time; I have been in contact with them by phone also.

The Jacobs' daughter, Rea Dawn Poling, has called with information for the reunion to be held in Guthrie, Oklahoma July 26th through 29th, 2001. The motel is Territorial Inn (Best Western) 2323 Territorial Trail. Their mailing address is P.O. Box 977, Guthrie, OK 73044. A double room (two beds) is $65.70 plus tax and a single king size bed room is $56.70 plus tax. Reservations should be made by July 1st and can be called at 1-405-282-8831 or E-mail Twenty ground floor rooms have been reserved for us so make reservations as soon as possible. The banquet meal is $14.00 including tax and gratuities.

Noel Jacobs wanted us to know that the Bombing Site Memorial is finished and can be seen in Oklahoma City.

Joanna Gebhardt sends little sayings usually on each E-mail she sends to me. Neil Simon's statement "If you can go through life with out experiencing any pain, you probably haven't been born yet" is certainly a favorite.

Have a HAPPY SPRING and let us hear from you.

Your Editors,

Jack and Juanita Waldrep

201 Greenview Road, S.W.
Rome, Georgia 30165-4307
Tel. 1-706-291-1393

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