The MuzzleBlast

June 1999

Dear Members of the 419th,

It is just over a month until we greet the Tigers who roar into Colorado Springs, Colorado. Remember, the reunion will be held Thursday, July 22 through Sunday July 25, 1999 at the Satellite Motel in Colorado Springs. This will be the third publishing of this information. Rooms with one bed are $60.00, rooms with two beds are $69.00 and a suite is $115.00. The address is 411 Lakewood Circle (Academy Blvd. and Airport Rd.) and telephones are 719-596-6800 or 800-423-8409. We will see you there prepared to enjoy the hospitality as planned by J.C. and Eleanor Orange.

Noel Jacobs has learned that Edwin Sanders, along with his wife and sister were killed in a car accident in Kansas several years ago. He had spoken to their oldest daughter who lives in Denver and hopes to meet us at the reunion. Noel also found that W.H. (Pike) Duncan had died on January 13. Frank Raymond's son told Noel that Frank passed away some time ago.

Ben White called on February 12 to tell us of the death of his wife Henrietta on February 6. A call from Ed Kling told us of the death of Willis Shaibley on February 22. We also had a newspaper obituary from Ann Shaibley to share with "her father's comrades".

V.W. and Marie Temple wrote sending greetings to all Tigers, enclosing the newspaper obituary of Lt. Col. Arthur Ball who died March 5.

Mrs. Delores Barnes wrote to tell us that her husband Kenneth E. Barnes, passed away on April 17 of a heart attack.

These editors thank each person who keeps us informed on the deaths of comrades, spouses and relatives. Sincere sympathy goes to the families of Edwin Sanders, Frank Raymond, W.H. (Pike) Duncan, Henrietta White, Lt. Col. Arthur Ball and Kenneth F. Barnes.

A letter from Connie Rizzo in February stated that James had open heart surgery with five by-passes last June and being diabetic has been slow recuperating. A donation to MB was enclosed.

Reinhold Engel sent a donation in February, his new address is 731 W. 670th Ave., Walnut, KS 66780-4277; tel. 316-395-2665.

A beautiful Valentine greeting with donation enclosed came from Edith Grubb. She is still enjoying the MB and is especially thankful that she is still in her own home enjoying the farm and animals.

The note from Danya (Mrs. Ted) Thurston was especially welcome since we had not heard from her for a while. We know that she had a serious head-on collision in December 1996. We do hope your final operation is over, successful and you are now on the mend. Thanks for the donation to MB. Danya's new address is Radio City Station, PO Box 1958, New York, NY 10101-1958.

Lawrence Goretski sent a MB donation and stated that he is doing fine but that Lorraine had fallen in 1994 while on vacation damaging both knees and back and uses a brace and walker to get around. They celebrated their 50th anniversary on June 12 with a mass and a party afterward for 100 people. He states that he retired 18 years ago, doesn't miss work at all, bowls twice a week and walks 2 miles a day rain or shine.

Charles and Ethel Mohn sent a picture of Charlie made Christmas 1998; I'm enjoying getting the pictures which many of you are sending. Ethel states that Charlie is still helping his neighbor with shopping and taking him to the bank. They were planning a trip to see their son and his wife; Eric and Mary, as many of you remember, attended the reunion in Wilkes Barre. She enclosed a copy of of If Noah Were Living in the 20th Century, which we have shared and enjoyed. An Easter card came later from the Mohns and wished "happiness always" to the members of the 419th.

A note from Gerry Craig, who was planning a visit to Atlanta, gave her daughter's address and telephone number. Wendy obviously showed her mother Atlanta and when I finaly reached Gerry by telephone, she was leaving the next day. We did have a nice long chat and next time, Gerry, you'll at least spend a couple of days in Rome.

Frank and Virginia Gruden and Josephine are planning to go to Colorado. They had a nice Easter visit with their son and his girlfriend. Their new address is 4240 S.E. 20th Pl., Apt. 210, Cape Coral, FL 33904.

Malcolm and Janet Cohen had sepnt five months in Florida going back to New York in April according to their letter which included a a donation to MB. They are enjoying keeping in touch with Joanna Gebhardt.

A beautiful "American Folk Art" postcard came from Joanna Gebhardt who had placed the 419th online the week of March 29. The address is So, you folks online, locate the site and have fun looking at the photos, McCabe reports and citations. There is a guestbook for others to add their stories. We thank Joanna for this information.

Ken Manning wrote in May that all his family is OK and thankful the tornado did not hit them. He is, as usual, looking forward to the reunion.

A full letter of information came from the Jacobs who are trying to find the A battery boys, lost from the roster a long time ago. He has found no trace of Ross Stewart. He states that Buford Martin was supposed to advise us of his address but as of yet we have not heard. His last MB was returned to us in October 1998. Noel spoke with Al Berude who still receives the MB.

Estelle is still having arthritis in her right hand and stated that she could hardly hold the pen to write. They are looking forward to reunion; she has spoken to Wanda Cluck several times and Wanda seems to be doing all right. The tornado hit the little town of Mulhall, 10 or 12 miles west of Stillwater; her niece lost her home and other properties. J.C. and Eleanor Orange spent a couple of days with the Jacobs and seem to have all the reunion plans made. Estelle certainly has fine daughters who gave their mother "glamour shots" as a Mother's Day gift; after seeing Estelle's pictures, I plan to go find the glamour studio.

One of the nicest calls came from fellow Georgian Mary Alice Long; we played "catch up" and thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Mary Alice, I hope the arthritic knees are better since we are having warmer weather.

We had a call from Lois Hall and Larry Gronefeld; they are still playing "Kentucky Golf". Lois sent information on proposed World War II Memorial; I will have copies at the reunion for person desiring to be listed.

MuzzleBlasts returned last issue included Mrs. Carl Bush, Jewel B. Pray and Ralph O. Wheeler. That change of address is very important, so keep us informed.

We hope that all of you had a meaningful Memorial Day and will have a flag waving Flag Day, a happy Fathers Day and a blast on the Fourth of July.

Remember "The safest way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket.".

See you in Colorado:

Your Editors,

Jack and Juanita Waldrep

201 Greenview Road, S.W.
Rome, Georgia 30165-4307
Tel. 1-706-291-1393

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