The MuzzleBlast

October 1998

Dear Members of the 419th,

We are "it" again and if you are tired of hearing the Southern version of news, maybe next year when we go West, someone else will volunteer.

Our Stillwater, Oklahoma reunion in July was a great time of reminiscing, friendship and fun. Noel and Estelle Jacobs were wonderful hosts and we want to thank them for a beautiful time together.

Attending the reunion were:

James Bierce
James and Patty Boston
Woodrow Brinner
*Monta Lynn Brown
Harold and Lola Carmichael
A.G. and Wanda Cluck
Herman and Leila Dalke
James and Sharon Gebhardt
Joanna Gebhardt
Larry Gronefeld and Lois Hall
Noel and Estelle Jacobs
Harold Laity and daughter Bonnie Porter and Al and grandson Bob Laity
Kenneth Manning
J.C. and Eleanor Orange
*Bill and Rae Dawn Polling
Ed and Mary Jane Pratt
Charles and Juanita Ray
Frances and Helen Roush
Gerald and Laura St. Amand
Jack and Juanita Waldrep
*Daughters and Son-in-law of the Jacobs

On Friday night Noel and Estelle invited us to their farm for a summer supper of cold cuts, veggies, fruits, homemade icecream and cake. We met their granddaughters Kessie and Jessica Brown and had fun sitting under the water-mister created by son-in-law Bill Polling. The daughters Monta Lynn Brown and Rea Dawn Poling are to be commended by the group in helping the Jacobs create a wonderful atmosphere for the entire reunion. Thanks to all the "Stillwater crew".

The meeting of the 419th was called to order at 10:00A.M., July 25, 1998 at the Stillwater, OK Best Western Motel.

The pledge of allegiance was led by Harold Carmichael.

The financial report, which was approved by the group, was given by Jaunita Waldrep as follows:

Year Balance from Grand Rapids reunion July 1997      $972.11
Deposit from reunion                                    167.00
Donation by mail                                        335.00
Total interest deposits                                  18.17
Total MuzzleBlast Acct.                              $1,492.28
Reunion Expense (Picture for Jacobs
already paid in Account)                                -25.00
Reunion Expenses for Craigs                             -25.00
Fall MB Expense                                        -122.28
March MB Expense                                       -138.16
June MB Expense                                        -122.32
Sympathy Cards                                          -13.30
Balance July 1998                                    $1,046.22
Old Business -- Harold Carmichael and Larry Gronefeld had visited Fort Knox and talked about the colors. Fort Knox will accept the colors when we no longer use them. They will be unframed, rolled up and mailed in a tube to:

Patton Museum
P.O. Box 208
Fort Knox, KY 40121-208

New business included the acceptance of hosts for 1999. J.C. and Eleanor Orange will host the 1999 reunion from Thursday July 22 through Sunday July 5, 1999 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The Waldreps remain editors of the MuzzleBlast.

It was moved and seconded to give the Jacobs $25.00 to help defray expenses for snacks for hospitality room.

Estelle announced that pictures will be made by Dane Blubaugh at 5:00P.M. at $7.00 per picture. She also announced dinner at 6:00P.M. at $14.00 per person.

Noel Jacobs gave a special welcome to James and Sharon Gebhardt and Joanna Gebhardt who came from New York to be with "army friends" of their father Joseph Gebhardt who died in 1965. (Next year we hope that brother John Jay Gebhardt will also join the group in Colorado).

The meeting was adjourned.

Juanita Waldrep, Secretary

Donations to the MuzzleBlast fund at the reunion increased our account by $255.00.

Since the MuzzleBlast in June we have heard from many friends. First, I need help in finding addresses for the following whose list was returned to us: Walter Mummert, Don Frederick and Charles Traynor. If you have a change in address, even a change of Zip Code, please advise us as we have no way of knowing of these changes.

We had a letter in June from Pierce and Catheree Johns who regretted not being able to go to Oklahoma. Catharee may have more heart surgery. Pierce had a small summer garden which I hope got more rain in Alabama than we had in Georgia.

Lorene Gleaves wrote to tell us of her husband Alva's death on September 29, 1997. They were married 55 years. She is blest with four children and eight grandchildren. She enjoys the MuzzleBlast and a donation was enclosed.

News of the death of Carl Sosebee on October 29, 1997 (on their 24th Anniversary) was sent by Eula Sosebee in her June letter.

Gerry Craig's letter of June was read at the reunion. Since Ralph's health kept getting worse, she knew they would not make the 1998 reunion. Since his death Gerry has managed well and the good part of her note to me that her daughter will be moving to Atlanta! Let us know when you will come visit us in Georgia this winter.

Ken Manning's letter had a new address on the envelope: 1227 Nebraska Street, Norman, OK 73069. He finally got home from the reunion "87 miles in 87 minutes, door to door!!" He stated "it was good to see them" (referring to the "Gebhardt kids".)

Forrest and Geri Broome were sorry that because of the death of Forrest's brother they could not attend the reunion. He and Geri were experiencing some health difficulties; we hope you are better now.

Clarence and Lucille Christensen sent a letter and a donation to MuzzleBlast in August. Clarence has had two knee replacements and was doing well. They had a granddaughter in Maine get married at reunion time this year.

James Bierce met his daughter and family in Iowa after the reunion. They had some car trouble going to Myrtle Beach; hopefully, it is fixed by now! He included the name of Francis Vigneau of Service Battery who now lives in Florida at 1220 S.E. 46th St., #105, Cape Coral, FL 33904.

A letter sent to Stillwater by Wayne and Dorthy Halstead was sent back to Iowa (the Waldreps were unknown at Best Western!) Another note was added on August 18th and sent here. Now to share the "Hello" to the 419th group at Stillwater. Wayne had 4 heart-by-passes on July 6 and was released on July 13th. He stated "Dorth is fine" but her worst task is getting "this nylon sock on my right leg." The later note from Dorthy stated that Wayne was doing OK and is now driving.

Estelle Jacobs said that they are now rested us after the reunion. They were still having extreme heat of 105-110 degrees on Sep. 5 with no rain. (Rome, Georgia has had only .2 inches since July). The Jacobs saw and enjoyed the movie "Saving Private Ryan".

Other news from the reunion included a message from Ruth Daniels who wanted to tell all "Hello"; Ruth is doing fairly well.

Edith Grubb could not come to the reunion due to two recent deaths in the family but she sends greetings to all.

It was good to have a telephone chat with Louis Gardner thanking us for the MuzzleBlast. She had a hip replacement on June 1; John is having trouble with his knee. They did manage to take a Panama Canal Cruise during Master's Week.

Art Ball called on June 22 to say that Alberta had a stroke on June 29th, 1996. They hope to get to a reunion soon; he stated that Alberta celebrated her 87th birthday on June 28.

In August Larry Gronefeld and Lois Hall called to be sure we were back in Georgia. I guess they feared "Jack and Juanita are at the mercy of the world!" We almost headed to Alaska due to the heat and dryness of Georgia; even (hurricane) "Georges" has given no relief.

Next year's reunion will be fun, I am sure; J.C. and Eleanor Orange are already working on it. We are sure that expenses will be greater in Colorado Springs, but we need to plan now for July 1999. A bit of trivia I read the other day states that you can put about $50.00 in pennies in a half gallon milk container.

After writing the above paragraph, J.C. and Eleanor called to tell me that they have already gotten a motel in Colorado Springs. Our reunion will be held at the Satellite Motel (411 Lakewood Circle, Colo. Springs, Colo. 80910, Ph. 800-423-8409) close to the freeway. Rooms with one bed are $60.00 per night, rooms with two beds are $69.00 and a suite will be $115.00. Brochures will be sent in the next MuzzleBlast. I'm happy to be able to put this information in this newlsetter; my computer friend is wonderful to make this addition. Thanks Dot for doing this and also thanks to our son Marvin who prints the envelopes.

The children and adults are all looking forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas and any holiday they can find. Did you know that on Thanksgiving Day 1997 Americans consumed 45 million turkeys -- and its still not our national bird!

Be sure to send us news, bring us news, or have anyone let us know how to keep up with YOU!

Your Editors,

Jack and Juanita Waldrep
201 Greenview Road, S.W.
Rome, Georgia 30165-4307

Tel. 1-706-291-1393

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