The MuzzleBlast

Fall 2006

Dear Members of the 419th,

Bonnie sent me a resume of what I know was a meeting I did not intend to miss and guess what? It was a good thing I didn't decide to stowaway from my family as there were two leaks under two bathroom sinksthe week of the reunion. I would have been in Wilkes-Barre if my contractor who was to oversee painting had not insisted he come by. My house was to have been started the week after the reunion but he wanted to give me an estimate before I left. Fortunately, we were not flooded until after the reunion. Bonnie had quite a bit of damage and I'm sure you join me in hoping that her insurance was kind to her.

Attendees at the reunion were:

Bonnie Porter
Albert Porter, son
Cathy & Brian Ellsworth, daughter & husband
Ryan & Joshua Ellsworth, grandsons
Ron & Cathyrae Porter, brother-in-law & sister-in-law
Jerry St. Amand
Luke St. Amand, son
Bernie & Shawn St. Amand, grandsons
Doria & Vincent Grimes, daughter & son-in-law
Francis & Helen Rousch
Lydia & Jerald Kiefer, daughter & son-in-law
Kurt & Brenda Kiefer, grandchildren
Kelly McCormac, grandchild
Rosie, mother-in-law
Preston & Brandon McCormac, great grandchildren
Blake Culver
Jane & Stanley Ober
Joanna Gebhardt (daughter of Jane)
Howard Liddic
Robert McCabe (Micky)
Jim McCarthy, Wilkes-Barre City Councilman

The meeting was called to order by Bonnie Porter and the group gave the pledge to the flag. Memorial service was held with a reading by Bonnie Porter and lighting of the candles. Red - Gerald St. Amand, White - Joanna Gebhardt and Blue - Micky McCabe.

The treasurer's report was given as follows:
Balance brought forward $1,863.04
Donations $280.
Total Interest $4.08
Total Account: $2,147.12
Check to Doria Grimes $100.
Check to Joanna Gebhardt $100.
Fall MB $196.48
Winter MB $178.52
June 2006 Balance $1,572.12

**Interest. I was forced to stop interest payment because our balance was under $2,000 most of the time. Twice I was charged a service charge of $15.00 which was returned to our account because my personal accounts the bank still wants to keep. Over the years I have paid IRS personally on interest in the account but interest was good. Now we have free cheking account with no interest.

The report was accepted by the grouop.

Joanna Gebhardt read the secretary's report which was accepted by the group.

There was no old business.

Under new business a motion was made by Jerry St. Amand to give Joanna Gebhardt $200. to the cost of the 419th website. Motion carried.

A motion was made to keep Juanita Waldrep as secretary-treasurer and Muzzleblast editor. Motion should have failed but it didn't.

The meeting was adjourned.

Everyone enjoyed Friday evening's dinner at Cooper's Waterfront. And Saturday evening's dinner and festivities were great.

Bonnie gave everyone presentations from the City of Wilkes-Barre, Wilkes-Barre City Council, Congress of Pennsylvania, House of Representatives, State Senate and Sons of the American Legion.

Donations to MB from reunion is $26. due to generosity of Micky McCabe & Lydia & Jerald Kiefer. Thank you.

Thank you Bonnie for a wonderful job of hosting a Pennsylvania reunion.

Two MB's were returned. Mrs. Louis Shultz & William McRitchie.

A note from Teresa Buckley stating that Francis Buckley died January 17, 2006. His 91st birthday was January 11. Our sympathies go to the Buckley family.

A note from Wanda Stewart arrived in March stating that Gene Stewart had died March 2, 2006. He had been in a nursing home for about a year. She stated he always enjoyed the Muzzleblast. Our sympathy goes to the Stewart family.

J.C. & Eleanor Orange wish to say hello to all members but they don't travel much any more. They had a rough winter. A donation was included.

Ethel Mohn included a donation to MB in her Easter card and note. She and Kathy at that time were planning on attending the reunion. She is grateful to her children who are good about coming to see her and do the little things she cannot do.

Bill Rapp sent a nice long letter stating on 4-9-06 (letter was written on April 1) he would be 86, so we hope you are now enjoying being 86. He enclosed a check to Muzzleblast. Thanks for keeping in touch.

We also recieved news of the death of Charles Buck in 1998; I had not heard this until this year. Although a few years have passed we still express our sympathies to the Buck family.

Marie Temple sent a lovely tribute program for Vermel Temple who died in Creedmoor, NC on May 19, 2006. We are sorry when we lose a comrade of the 419th and express sincere sympathy to you, Marie & family.

Mrs. Violet Passes called wanting the telephone number of Mrs. Charles Winter in Texas. It was good to hear from you Violet, and that your mother had lived to the age of 105.

Ken Manning is always good to call about the 419th; he told of the close deaths of Pete & Mille Falko who lived in Texas. Our sympathy to the Falko family.

Jerry St. Amand called me one night about two weeks ago and I think he knew that I'm a newspaper sleuth. Something was said about the "last man" getting the bottle of champagne. Now I heard about Navy men having that tradition but did any of you 419th men buy a bottle and then thinking you'd be the last man to open it one dry night? Anyone knowing anything about said bottle, please let me know. Send me your telephone number on E-mail and I will call you and I will find the culrpit who has it. Jerry does this suit you for my new pursuit?

As we enter into this fall season, enjoy the wonderful changing colors around us. Give someone a treat at Halloween, share your blessings with someone at Thanksgiving and be glad we have some to share.

Don't let your worries get the best of you; remember, Moses started out as a basket case.

Your Editor, Juanita Waldrep
201 Greenview Road, S.W. Rome, Georgia 30165-4307

Tel. 1-706-291-1393


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