The MuzzleBlast

September 2005


Dear Members of the 419th,

The 2005 reunion was most outstanding. It was held at the beautiful Dulles Airport Marriott from June 9 through June 12, 2005.

Veterans and their families attending included:

  • The Roush Family: Francis and Helen Roush
  • Daughter Lydia and husband Gerald Kiefer
  • Grandson Kurt and wife Brenda Kiefer
  • Granddaughter Kelly and husband Rodney McCormac
  • Great grandsons Preston and Brandon McCormac
  • Great grandson Blake Culver
  • The Manning Family: Ken Manning Daughter Letitia Manning
  • Grandson Phil and wife Susan Daignault
  • Great grandsons Dalton and Devin Daignault
  • The Dalke Family: Herman and Leila Dalke
  • Daughter Michelle Flickinger Son David Dalke
  • The Waldrep Family:
  • Juanita Waldrep Son Jack Waldrep, Jr and wife Nancy
  • Daughter Helen Waldrep Sheppard and husband Brent
  • Granddaughters Martha and Anna Sheppard
  • The Gebhardt Family:
  • Jane and Stanley Ober
  • Daughter Joanna Gebhardt
  • Frank and Virginia Gruden
  • Robert C. McCabe, Jr.
  • Bonnie Porter
  • Lars Lemberg
  • Howard and Pat Liddic
  • Hosted by the St. Amand Family:
  • Gerald St. Amand Son Richard St. Amand and friend Ruth Hugland
  • Daughter Doria Grimes and husband Vincent
  • Son George St. Amand and wife Mary
  • Son Emile St. Amand and wife Nancy
  • Granddaughter Janet St. Amand
  • Son Luke St. Amand and wife Kathy
  • Grandsons Bernie and Shawn St. Amand Granddaughters
  • Heather and Erica Kramer

On Friday the group enjoyed a visit to the Hazy Museum which showed most every plane that has existed including the huge SST. The World War II plane display, of course, was the place the veterans wanted to see most and included the Japanese suicide plane and the famous Enola Gay. And the modern space shuttle was a popular spot; before leaving, we heard a concert by the U.S. Army band. Everyone enjoyed finding souvenirs and books at the Smithsonian store there.

Friday night we went as a group to another Marriott nearby and enjoyed good food and conversation. We gathered afterward in the hospitality room for more conversation and enjoyed Howard Liddic's wonderful display of World War II collectibles. We also enjoyed the St. Amand's display of pictures and other things from the 419th.

On Saturday the meeting was held in the hospitality room with Gerald St. Amand presiding. A moment of silence was held for the deceased members. The Pledge of allegiance was said by the group.

		Balance following 2004 Reunion in Norman, Ok.         $ 2042.41
        Donations by mail					           275.00				
        Total Interest						   9.42
        Total Account						 2326.83
        2004 Fall MB						  173.08
        2005 Feb. MB				                   168.56
        2005 May MB						   122.15
        6-11-05 Balance in Account				     $ 1863.04

Discussion was held on the fact that Joanna Gebhardt and family have paid all the expenses since the 419th website has been in existence. The group voted to give Joanna $100.00 to help defray the expenses of the website. We do thank Joanna for all the work she does for us on the website.

Bonnie Porter invited the group to hold the 2006 reunion in Wilkes-Barre, PA on July 22 through July 25. This will be held at Genetti Best Western where we have been before and more information will be forthcoming.

Jack Waldrep, Jr. invited the group to hold the 2007 reunion in Rome, GA. The date will be set later. As you know, children of the veterans will have to keep the tradition going. When I first attended, our children were usually with us. Thank you Bonnie and thank you Jack, Jr. for helping us now.

The meeting was adjourned. Juanita Waldrep, Secretary

Following lunch the group boarded a new luxury motor coach for a tour of the World War II Memorial. The bus driver showed us many of the sites of Washington before our visit to the Memorial. It was great to see the Iwo Jima memorial as well as other historic places in our nation's capitol. Words cannot express the emotions brought to us by our first view of the Memorial especially when our flowers were placed in front of the Battle of the Bulge area; Doria had special permission to place flowers and pictures by the Memorial. Memorabilia is stored after the area is closed to public for the day. If you have not been to see this spectacular World War II Memorial, plan a trip soon. It was the one place Jack had hoped to visit and his health just did not allow a trip. We then took a trip to the FDR Memorial and stopped to see it.

The banquet was wonderful and the food was especially delicious. Following dinner a gift exchange and taking a gift you want was quite festive. When the gift landed in the third person's hands, you could steal no longer. It is a fun way of getting what you want and for a man not being left with a lipstick case. Thank you, Doria, for a fun evening.

I am sure I have left out many things that others saw and enjoyed but come to the 3 next reunion and enjoy each moment.

Only one MuzzleBlast was returned from the May issue; Ernest Lillard's who had a P.O. box 122, in Washington, Virginia was returned. If any of you know where Ernest Lillard is, I will send him a copy.

Ethel Mohn sent a donation in a beautiful card expressing her sympathy to me.

J.C. and Eleanor Orange wrote that they would have enjoyed being with us in Washington and gave as the good news that their son and wife would be home from Africa (for good) on June 7. I know they are very happy they are home after all these years.

Winnie Kreigsman wrote a note of sympathy and stated she is happy in a retirement center apartment in Altoona, Florida.

A card from Henrietta Fox stated she would have enjoyed the reunion but does not travel alone. We hope you will get a person to come with you next year. We miss you, Henrietta.

Fred Bradley stated " I'm over 80 now and have slowed down a bit" and would love to attend a reunion but travel is difficult. He included a donation to MB.

Pete and Millie Falko wrote a letter thanking me for the MB; Pete stated he had been sick in February through May but was doing well in June. They will be celebrating their 60th anniversary next year.

Charles and Juanita Ray sent a thinking of you card with their note. They could not make the reunion this year but we have hopes that you will be able to next year. A donation to MB was included.

A note from Doria Grimes needing addresses to send the wonderful pictures which were made at the reunion. I hope I got those out on time for you Doria; I am slow on this MuzzleBlast but I am sure you know that very little grass has grown under my feet since June.

Louise Gardner called from Alabama and then sent a note with a donation to MB. Thank you for you calls and the donation, Louise.

Herman and Leila Dalke gave a donation to MB at the reunion.

Gene Wells, who will be 90 on Dec.13, wrote that he had a stroke five years ago. He stated that his wife's health is fairly good. They have two children and they both have two 4 children, all girls. They said hello to everyone.

In May a niece of John Heritage called to state that he had died Dec. 7, 2004. We send condolences to Olivette Heritage and all the family.

After the reunion Frank and Virginia Gruden have been on a three months trip which has taken them through much of the eastern United States. In December they join their son and his wife on a trip to Hawaii. A donation to MB was included in their letter.

Now for the E-mails; I receive many interesting items from Herman and Leila Dalke and Joanna Gebhardt but will not get into all the fun and political items.

Rose Lemberg wrote in an early E-mail that many of their friends are selling their homes, moving into retirement complexes, but they are still in their home after more than 40 years. A later one stated their grandson, Jeff, was getting married Sept. 16th; I know it was a happy occasion for you and Larry. Larry was going through dental work. I hope he is doing fine now.

Wanda Cluck wrote that her son has acute myelogeneous leukemia and is taking chemo now. We hope he is now in remission. A later E-mail stated she was going to Destin, Florida with Terri and her family Sept. 25th for a week.

Rob and Jackie Floerke wrote to say "Hello" on their E-mail. Rob attached a photo of them; isn't E-mail wonderful?

Doria Grimes gave me the wonderful list of attendees at the reunion on E-mail stating 54 people attended the 55th reunion. She also sent me another one which helped me as I go through the necessary arrangements since Jack's death. Thank you for your words of comfort, Doria.

Joanna Gebhardt wrote a couple of E-mails when she had an ear infection in July; a later one stated the miracle drug "Cipro" had helped her. We hope you are all better by now, Joanna.

The Waldrep family has been busy this summer following the trip to Washington. A dear cousin, Ethel Miller who made Helen's wedding dress, died on June 18 and was buried outside Atlanta. My second oldest brother, Dorsey English died on June 28 and the service was in Royston, Georgia and he was buried in Anderson, South Carolina. In July I took Jack Jr.'s daughter Kaye to Biloxi, Mississippi for five days. In August I stayed with the Sheppard family in Morganton, N.C. for ten days until school started on August 25th. My sister Helen had a birthday on Sept 1st, daughter Helen had a birthday on Sept. 4 and her daughter Martha on Sept 12 and on Sept. 19 Jack, Jr. celebrated his birthday. So it has been busy summer.

The nation's eyes have been on New Orleans and other Louisiana sites and the Mississippi coast with the devastation that Katrina accomplished. Then the seventeen inches of rain caused the coast of North Carolina a lot of trouble. People all over the nation have been generous and we pray that the evacuees will be settled in the near future.

"If things are tough, remember that every flower that ever bloomed had to go through a lot of dirt to get there."

Have a howling Halloween, a bountiful Thanksgiving, a happy Hanukkah and a Merry Christmas. Your Editor,

Your Editor,
Juanita Waldrep

201 Greenview Road, S.W. Rome, Georgia 30165-4307
Tel. 1-706-291-1393

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