The MuzzleBlast

October 2002

Dear Members of the 419th,

Since Jack and I could not attend the reunion in Lancaster, PA in July, Jane Ober and daughter Joanna Gebhardt have been the source of much of this newsletter -mostly by E-mail. Thank you, Jane, Joanna and all who were a part of the 52nd reunion.

Attending the reunion were:
Harold and Lola Carmichael Gerry and Laura St. Amand and son
Matthew Creelman and Luke and Kathy St. Amand
Grandfather Fred Rouse Daughter Doria and Vincent Grimes
Frank and Virginia Gruden Francis Vigneau
Jerry Huvaere and son  
Dick, wife Stephanie and son HOSTS
Ryan Huvaere Jim and Sharon Gebhardt -Children
Howard and Pat Liddic Christopher, Jennifer, J. T.
Ken Manning and grandson Phil Jay Gebhardt and friend
Charles and Ethel Mohn and son Sonia Grineva
Eric and Mary Mohn Jane and Stanley Ober
Bonnie Porter and friend Joanna Gebhardt
Cathy Bly  
Francis and Helen Roush and  
Daughter and son-in-law  

MINUTES OF BUSINESS MEETING -JULY 19,2002 Jane Ober called the meeting to order at 10:45 A.M. Friday July 19th.

Gerry St. Amand lead the group in the pledge of allegiance followed by a prayer and a moment of silence in remembrance of those no longer with us or unable to attend.

Jane introduced herself to the group: as to her family's belated involvement in the reunions and her husband, Joe Gebhardt's place in the 419th.

The minutes of the 2001 meeting were read. There were no additions or corrections.

The treasurer's report, sent by Juanita Waldrep, was as follows:
Balance Guthrie OK Reunion 2001
Host check to Noel Jacobs
Donations at the Reunion
Mail in donations
Interest deposits
Bank chg. For deposit slips
Fall MB Expense
Winter MB Expense
Summer MB Expense

* This is correct with bank statement June 18, 2002

A comment followed that the group's treasury seemed sufficiently funded and that it could, for the time being, be maintained at this level. Further discussion questioned whether or not there should be a greater allowance for the hosting of the annual reunion. No vote was taken, but the general consensus was against a change in the tradition of the current $25.00.

Announcements were made regarding the group meals, the local points of interest and tours available to the group. The group photo was to be taken at 11:45 and the request was made that participants indicate their preference for photos in the reunion guest book. The photos will be sent at a later date.

Regarding the MuzzleBlast: no one volunteered to assume the responsibility for its production. The group was in unanimous agreement that .Juanita Waldrep should continue her fine editorship

Regarding next year's meeting, the following changes were made, 1. -It was moved and seconded and agreed upon by a majority vote that it was no longer practical to continue the tradition of stipulating the location of the reunion (either north or south or east or west of the Mississippi). 2 -Frank Gruden made a motion that the reunion be held in the month of September, preferably the last week-end because travel and lodging expenses cost less at that time of year. The motion was seconded and unanimous agreement settled that matter.

Discussion of a volunteer or volunteers to host the 2003 reunion was put before the meeting. For starters, no one came forward. Jane Ober suggested that maybe that could be determined during the next few months, but Gerry St. Amand made it clear that this must be determined at the meeting and that if no one volunteered, someone could be chosen. At this time all eyes turned to Frank and Virginia Gruden. The motion was made to call upon them. It was seconded and agreed upon, by vote (but only after they agreed) and Fran Vigneau said he would help.

Frank and Virginia chose the last weekend in September 2003 as their date. The location will be in or near Cape Coral, Florida.

During the discussion of the next meeting, Bonnie Porter made the strong recommendation that the offspring of the veterans begin to plan and host the reunions.

The meeting was adjourned at 11 :40 A.M.

Jane Ober, hosting and acting secretary

Donations made to the MuzzleBlast since the reunion include Henrietta Fox, Robert Gillham, Florence Rumsey, Gerald St. Amand and the estate of Larry Gronefeld. Since we could not attend no donations were made at the reunion.

A letter was received from Saundra Jones, daughter of Charles Cavric, telling of his death on May 30, 2002. Charles had lost his wife of 57 years in June 2000 Saundra stated that a local military unit participated in a beautiful military funeral. Our sympathy to the family of Charles Cavric.

A note from Connie Rizzo, wife of Jim Rizzo, saying he had died of congestive heart failure on April29, 2002. We send our sympathy to the family of Jim Rizzo.

Bonnie Porter wrote a lovely letter in June hoping Jack would be well enough to go to the reunion. She often calls us to see how we are and we appreciate her loyalty to the 419th.

Fred and Phyllis Ball wrote and told of mother, Alberta Ball's death. We thank them for this letter. This was reported in the June MB since the Temples had sent us the news. We join the family with our sympathy.

Henrietta Fox wrote in July that due to a family reunion, she could not attend the 419th reunion.

Robert Gillham wrote in July that he had never been able to attend the reunion of the 419th. He joined the 419th as a replacement and after 6 months (after the war) went to the 609TD Bn to prepare for the invasion of Japan. He also stated that his wife passed away a couple of years ago and he is now remarried to a high school girl friend.

Barbara Morello wrote me that her husband Arthur Morello died in April2002 after a long illness. Our sympathy goes to Barbara and her family.

Florence Rumsey wrote and gave her new address which is 521 Cherokee Street, Apt 308, Kalamazoo, MI 49006-2864. Her July 15th letter stated that for "the last two months I have been busy getting settled in an apartment near my daughter". She says to move from a two-story condominium to a two bedroom apartment was challenging. Her phone number is 616-552-3296.

In June Joseph Johns called thanking us for the MB and reminiscing over the past years. He is doing fine and riding 8 miles a day on a stationary bike.

Ken Manning called telling all about his revamped RV and the fact that he did get back to Oklahoma. Those of you at the reunion know of his escapades with his R V. Thank you for being so up-beat about misfortunes, Ken. Thanks to Ken, the colors did arrive in Pennsylvania.

An E-mail came from Herman and Leila Dalke who were unable to attend the reunion.

An E-mail from Jack Bonman who was pleased to receive Charlie Winters' phone number and called him and stated "had quite a conversation".

One MuzzleBlast was returned in June. Mrs. Raymond F. Gammans 7090 Glenridge Drive, NE Atlanta GA 30328. If anyone knows an address for her, please advise.

Frank Gruden called a few days ago stating that they had not been back in Florida too many days from another sojourn. I am sure he and Virginia had a wonderful time away from the heat experience but they did get back in time for the rain from the hurricanes. He stated that their E-mail address is Their address is 4240 SE 20th PI #210, Cape Coral FL 33904. Frank stated that the reunion in 2003 will be held either the second or third weekend in OCTOBER possibly in the Fort Myers area. I am sure as plans are made, we will be informed. We are looking forward to being in Florida if we possibly can.

Jack is some better; the good news is that on a CAT scan, there is no evidence of the lymphoma. On the brain scan, some cells have been killed by the chemo and he has, in the past, had a slight stroke. He is still able to manage the shaving, bathing, walking etc. Keep us in your prayers.

Have an eerie Halloween, a luscious Turkey Day and may all the holidays bring warmth to your family is our wish.


Your Editors,

Jack and Juanita Waldrep

201 Greenview Road, S.W. Rome, Georgia 30165-4307
Tel. 1-706-291-1393

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