The MuzzleBlast

Fall 2001

Dear Members of the 419th,

Noel and Estelle Jacobs hosted the 51st reunion in Guthrie, Oklahoma at the Territorial Inn from July 26 through July 29,2001. Monta Lynn Brown and Rae Dawn Poling were so gracious in assisting their parents.

Attending the reunion were:

Jim and Patti Boston, Ken Manning and daughter, Elmer and Monta Lynn Brown, Letitia Manning and friend, Gary Moss and children& grandchildren, Bill and Rae Dawn Poling, Harold and Lola Carmichael and children & grandchildren, Wanda Cluck AI and Bonnie Porter, Herman and Leila Dalke, Charles and Juanita Ray, Wallace and Bertha Frank, Francis and Helen Roush, Joanna Gebhardt, Gerald St. Amand and son Luke, Frank and Virginia Gruden, Harold Laity, Jack and Juanita Waldrep

Many of us took the opportunity to visit the hi.storic sights of the first capital of Oklahoma. Guthrie is a quaint city filled with antiques and wonderful shopping. This was an opportunity to chat with our friends in the hospitality room as well as seeing a little history of this vast state. Friday night we were treated to a wonderful meal in the hotel and we would like to thank the Jacobs, Browns and Polings for this and all the delightful gifts provided us at this reunion.

The business meeting was held on Saturday morning July 28,2001.


The meeting held at the Territorial Inn, Guthrie, Oklahoma opened with Rae Dawn Poling presiding. The pledge of allegiance was said in unison and the group was led in prayer.

Juanita Waldrep gave the treasurer's report.

Balance at Wilkes Barre reunion 2000                  $1918.67
Check to Bonnie Porter                                  -25.00

Donation by mail                                        310.00

Total interest deposits                                  38.47
Total MuzzleBlast Acct.                              $2,242.14
Fall MB Expense                                        -154.86
Winter MB Expense                                      -141.23
Summer MB Expense                                      -133.44
Total Balance July 2001                              $1,812.61

Cards were sent from the group to Paul Carpenter who was ill, Eleanor Orange who had a fall and to Janet Cohen. Rae Dawn announced the price of dinner at "Granny Had One" is $14.00 each. She also explained that the owners had an antique store and people would come in and say "Granny had one of those" and decided to name the restaurant "Granny Had One" She told of the photographer, who was young, being impressed by this group of soldiers (our own 419th) and stated that he wanted to do the photos for only the price of the film. After a phone call by Joanna Gebhardt to her mother, the group was invited to the 2002 reunion to be held in the Amish country of Pennsylvania and hosted by Jane Ober and Joanna Gebhardt. Time to meet for dinner was announced and the meeting of the 419th was adjourned. Donations made to the MB fund at the reunion totaled $257.00

Peter Falko wrote before the reunion (and this was shared there) and stated that he and Mildred "are plugging along". He stated they were "getting a little older, a little slower a little forgetful" (aren't we all?) They are enjoying their daughter Cheryl and husband John and son Stephen and wife Joyce. He sent copies of "Just a Simple Soldier" which were given out at the reunion. Thanks a lot, Peter!

In June we received a letter from Daniel Nissle and he wants a list of living A Battery members and also 419th decals; I shared this at the reunion but no one knew of decals and I'll get the A Battery member list to you soon Daniel!

We received two letters from William R. (Bob) Kneebone, 2491 N Camino DeOeste, Tucson AZ 85745 whose son in Richmond found him on the internet as a member of A Battery 419th FA. He was reconnaissance Sgt. and away except to pick up rations. He then went into a new outfit. He sent an MB donation.

Larry Gronefeld called and sounded as if he felt some better. His friend, Lois Hall, will send us an e-mail if he goes into the hospital and this is wonderful to know we can keep in touch.

A note from Gerald St. Amand in August stated that Laura "has good days and other days". A donation to MB was included.

In August Herman Dalke sent a donation to MuzzleBlast. A letter from Ken Manning stated that we had a good time in Guthrie with our wonderful hosts and included a donation to MB.

When Harold and Lola Carmichael went home from the reunion, they had colds but they stated in their note they were better. Lola thanked us for the peach marmalade and stated they had a wonderful time.

John Bonman sent a donation to MB. Charles Ray sent a note with a donation and we do hope Juanita is recovering from her surgery in October.

Wally Frank said that he and Bertha made it back to Minnesota thinking they would have cooler weather but as it turned out "we had a duplicate week of our Oklahoma heat wave".

Donald G. Brown sent his new address: 4070 Creekview Drive, Madison OR 44057 and telephone 440-428-9430. He sent a donation in his card.

Francis J. Vigneau now has a permanent address; 1915 S.E. 40th Terr. #104, Cape Coral FL 33904-8069. He stated he was sorry to miss the reunion but was indisposed with a bleeding ulcer; he said he is well now. He saw Frank and Virginia Gruden who live nearby. A donation to MB was included.

Frank and Virginia Gruden returned to their home on Sept. 10th from the reunion. They spent time sightseeing. They will be "on the road again" for Thanksgiving family reunion in NC. An E-mail from Monta Lynn Brown stating that Dad Noel Jacobs was going to get his high school diploma on Nov. 9th in a special ceremony for "BOYS" who joined the service during World War II and left school to do so. Congratulations, Noel!

Noel called tonight to tell of Phillip Constance's death. He found out that Phil's discharge papers were lost and therefore no flag could be furnished. If anyone knows how to replace discharge papers which were lost, please advise us. Our sympathy goes to Dorothy and family.

Bonnie Porter sent an E-mail stating that both Al and her father, Harold Laity, are not well. We hope things will be brighter for their family soon.

An E-mail from Patti Boston stated that Jim had some heart problems with three blockages and his heart kept stopping. He was sent to a Tulsa hospital where they took care of the blockages one day and the next day installed a defibulator. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Wanda Cluck and Rose Lemberg send E-mails often; Wanda stated she enjoyed the reunion and we are still hopeful that Larry and Rose will be able to attend a reunion again.

Joanna Gebhardt also sends some very interesting things on E-mail; she and her mother are working on a place for the reunion.

The Waldrep family are fine and we had so many birthdays in September; my sister was 90 on Sept. 1st, our daughter celebrated on the 4th and her daughter on the 12th and our oldest son on the 19th. Our granddaughter, Kaye, who graduated on a basketball scholarship from Berry College in May was named assistant Berry women's basketball coach in August. We are proud of her and will still follow the games.

But the episodes that happened in New York and Washington on Sept 11th were disheartening. We are sick of the fact that basically war has come to our shores and with the anthrax threat, who knows what is next.

There are US flags flying allover the South and we are sure it is the same in your area. It is good to sing with gusto "God Bless America" once more as Kate Smith did during World War II. Many patriotic poems have been written, many articles printed, but we were most impressed by a full page ad in our local paper, paid for by a wholesale frozen food company, Zartic. It depicts the Statue of Liberty backed by our American flag with a quote by Theodore Roethke:

"In a Dark Time, The Eye Begins To See"

with the statement under that "We Americans stand together unblinded by terrorism with a greater vision of liberty and justice than ever before".

Have Happy Holidays.

Your Editors,

Jack and Juanita Waldrep

201 Greenview Road, S.W.
Rome, Georgia 30165-4307
Tel. 1-706-291-1393

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