William Kneebone correspondence, 2 June 2001

Our son in Richmond was checking his computer for other Kneebones and found me as a member of A Battery 419th AFA. I was reconnaissance Sgt. and hence away from the battery and battalion all thru the war except to pick up rations, etc. I was on furlough to England in summer 1945 and came back to a new outfit with Captain Anderson as battery commander still. I didn't see much of the battery even in Sept.- Oct. '44 because I was helping clearing land mines south of Cherbourg.

I was Sgt. of the guard at the hospital at Landau with Lt. Cohen telling a German Colonel what was what, another memory was a sneak trip to Venice and back. Lts. Gebhardt and Carter fixed up papers, and got a jeep. They took myself and Harry Reynolds along. We left on Saturday and got back on Monday AM in time for revele.

The past 50+ years have been good to me. Married in 1948 — still married — with 3 kids 28-50-52, went back to school, using every drop of my GI Bill to get a B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Worked for the USDA at a field station in Oklahoma until 1963, moving than to be a professor of agronomy at the University of Arizona. Retired in 1985. We have travelled extensively both before and after retirement, but are slowing down abit!

Please included me on your mailing list! The roll of names rings alot of bells!

William R. (Bob) Kneebone


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