Howard Liddic

05/08/2007 07:44 PM I would like to correspond with any 10th Armored vets who knew Captain O.S.Fleming. He was in the medics and possibly was a doctor. Thanks. Howard


kevin galvin

04/21/2007 12:43 PM my father,john r galvin ,was a member of the 10th armored division.he passed away 10/29/06 at the age of 83.he probably played basketball every chance he got while in the service,really loved sports.



12/19/2006 04:22 PM Hello,I have a copy of (CO'S "NUTS MSG") received via a friend of the family who served with the 101st Paul Zimmer.Respond here and I'll see about etting it scanned and posted here.Thanks for Serving !


Pat (Guerra) LeGate

12/02/2006 03:52 PM My Dad was an Army Lt. in WWII who flew Observation Planes in Europe. The Piper Cubs were unarmed. He also flew USO stars to different locations(Jerry Colona and other famous people). He met an officer who later became General Maxwell D. Taylor. General Maxwell D Taylor was an honorable man, so was my father. My Dad's plane was shot down in German territory and my father was able to escape. He was awarded the Purple Heart. His name was Raphael Guerra from Laredo, Texas.My Dad died June of 2003.If anyone served with my Dad in the Army during this time, I would cherish any pics of him or his planeand any info. And finally, thank you General Maxwell D. Taylor,for encouraging a poor,shy,soldier many years ago. Your encouragement sent him to higher paths in life and gave him motivation and encouragement...God Bless you and those who have and are serving in the military forces. Grace, Peace,and Mercy to our Country, Pat (Guerra) LeGate


Jason Rich

10/23/2006 11:25 PM My grandfather Robert Rich served with C company, 54th Armored Infantry Battalion, 10th Armored Division. We are currently working on a project together about his time in Europe. I am interested in finding any pictures of the 10th AD and specifically the 54th AIB. I am also interested in cooresponding with anyone that served with or has information about the 54th AIB. Much thanks Jason Rich


Kate Ingersoll

My name is Kate Ingersoll and I am looking to correspond with anyone who served with and knew Bill Helsel. Bill served in the 10th armored "Tigers", 3rd tank Battalion. Bill may have spoken often of his nephew Steve, whom he nicknamed "Duke",for the Duke of Paduka. He also may heve spoken of his sister and her husband Luwana "sister" and Frank Ingersoll. Bill was killed in action on March 19, 1945. I can be written to at: Kate Ingersoll 10502 Puffer Rd Fife Lake, MI 49633


David Gardner

My name is David Gardner, and I am the son of John Gardner (419th Service Battery). My father passed away in August, 2004. In going through lots of stuff after his death, my mother and I have found many back issues of the Muzzle Blast, as well as group pictures from most of the reunions he attended. Would you be interested in having a copy of any of that stuff for the website? It might take several months for me to get all of it together, but I might could start sending you some stuff here and there. I do like the website. My father always enjoyed the reunions, and I guess most of you guys who went through the war together ended up being as close as brothers. Warm regards, David Gardner


Charles M. Bielecki

03/24/2006 04:24 PM Looking for information of a pvt Leo Bielecki, member of the 419th and has passed Im his son, a veteran of the Korean war. 31st Inf. Chosin Res Platoon Sgt. 2nd Platoon Item company , Anyone with infromation of my father Leo pleses email me at CMB31STINF@AOL.COM





walter pensa

02/15/2006 07:03 PM I was wondering if anyone remembers my Dad. His name is Robert L Pensa. He would have gone by Bob. He was in the 10th Armored. Dad passed away on Oct 27,2004. He received the Purple Heart and the Silver Star. He was a scout and he told me some stories re Bastogne and capturing a bridge. I hope there is someone out there that can send me some more stories. To all who served I thank you. God Bless You All Thanks Walt Pensa


Howard Liddic

01/18/2006 07:42 PM Looking for information on Sergeant John Wadleigh. He was in one of the 10th Armored's field artillery battalions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Howard Liddic Lancaster, PA


John Foley

01/08/2006 04:56 PM Hi, My Dad who recently passed in 04' was in the 419th FA BN and also in the 274th AFAB. His name was also John Foley but he went as Jack. Im not to sure where he ended up at as he never spoke to me about the war. These websites are great though and hopefully I can learn about him. Thanks!


Wilda Hester Dixon

09/18/2005 07:39 PM Since I noticed several inquiries about the 62nd Armored Field Artilley on this site, I thought I would put our contact info on the site. Contact Wilda H. Dixon Thanks, great site.


Gerald St. Amand

05/12/2005 09:00 PM I WENT TO WAR ON A STRETCHER! When we were ready to ship out from New York to the European front in the Fall of 1944, I was suffering from acute tonsillitis and was in the infirmary. It was decided that I would not go, but would join another Division when recovered. However, I had trained with this Batallion for 18 months, and, as the radioman, felt "essential" to the winning force. As sick as I felt, I protested so much that the doc (Capt.Walthrop) and Colonel McCabe signed the waivers to let me go to war. So I was carriied on the gangplank on a stretcher with my bag and gun tucked alongside me onto the ship and into Sick Bay. Sick Bay was great! It was in the middle and did not rock like the rest of the ship. Once I could eat one full meal, I was discharged, and sent below deck with the rest of the other seasick GI's.


Terry Andrews

05/01/2005 07:55 PM Information about the US Army based in Crossgar County Down Ireland and reyjavik Iceland in WW2