APO 260, U.S. ARMY

9 January 1945


TO: All Personnel, 419th Armd FA Bn.

  1. Last month in a letter of commendation to the members of this command, I stated that the goal of this Battalion should be a unit citation. Since then by your fighting spirit and splendid teamwork, this Battalion has been recommended for a unit citation. During the recent German offensive you met the pride of the German Army, and sent it reeling back into the Siegfried defenses. This Battalion, astride the main road into the vital city of Luxembourg, not only played a major role in saving the city but also enabled an Army Corps to assemble in our rear and relieve the defenders of Bastogne. Without the support of this Battalion, I am certain that the American lines from Consdorf to Michelshof would have been pierced by the countless aggressive attacks launched by the Germans. Fast and accurate artillery fire from this Battalion broke up every attack and inflicted heavy losses on the enemy. Had the attacks on Consdorf been successful this Battalion would probably have been cut off, but by remaining in our dangerous position we stopped every thing the Germans could throw against us.
  2. Your splendid achievement against the enemy was accomplished by teamwork of the highest quality. The long tiresome training in the "STATES" has paid off on the field of battle. Let us not rest on our laurels, but prepare ourselves to inflict even greater disaster on the enemy.
Lt. Col., 419th Armd FA Bn.,
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