"We Blast The Way"

General Orders)
No. 43)

Washington 25, D.C., May, 1947

VII--Battle Honors--As authorized by Executive Order 9396, the following unit is cited by the War Department in the name of the President of the United States as public evidence of deserved honor and distinction. The citation reads as follows:

The 419th Armored Field Artillery Battalion is cited for outstanding performance of duty in action from 19 to 23 December, 1944, during the German counteroffensive. The battalion, faced with demands which, except for superior technical ability and undaunted courage, could never have been met, remained in exposed and sometimes front-line positions in order to render vital artillery support to four units which were gallantly fighting the German attackers. Although enemy artillery fire fell almost constantly on the battalion command post and howitzer postions and swept all roads in the area over which reconaissance parties, wire crews, and supply vehicles were forced to operate, the prompt and effective fires which the 419th Armored Field Artillery Batallion delivered over a 2,000 mil front for 4 days and 3 nights played a vital part in breaking up the enemy's strong attacks in the vicinity Echternach, Konsdorf, and Breitweiler, Luxembourg. Fighting without rest 24 hours a day, the battalion delivered fire in support of the hard-pressed infantry. Observed fire wrought havoc on the attacking Germans and heavy casualties were inflicted. Almost ceaseless, unobserved fire interdicted enemy supply routes, river crossings, and approaches to friendly lines. From skillfully chosen positions, fire from the battalion's howitzers and those of other units were massed with good effects on the wide front. The 419th Armored Field Artillery Battalion, through its superior technical ability and high courage in the face of great odds, played a major role in containing the hostile offensive against the fanatical German attacks. The superb teamwork of all its personnel, the prompt and accurate fires delivered, and the results gained are in keeping with the high traditions of the field artillery and reflect great credit on the armed forces of the United States.

By Order of the Secretary of War:

Chief of Staff

Major General
The Adjutant General

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